Lexi Glerean

University is a place where people come together, in high school and college, I lost my place but SFU's Education department helped me find it again..


Hi I'm Lexi, I'm 22 years old and I'm in my 2nd year at SFU but 4th year of post-secondary schooling. Hopefully only a couple terms left till graduation! I work for the City of Burnaby running child's after school programs and summer camps, going on 4 years this summer! In my spare time, I also train my agility dog, we do competitions and have even done tricks on CTV news for a promo!

How I Discovered the Program

Through my student teachers in high school.

Why Faculty of Education

It came highly recommended by all the student teachers I talked to.


I would say "my kids". Haha, well not "my" kids but my program kids. I love teaching their after-school programs, I've loved teaching summer camp the past three years and seeing the returning kids grow up. I just want to be a part of their learning experience. I want to teacher their siblings, have them come back and tell me about their life.

Instructor of Note

Sue Montabello, she is the definition of what I want to be as an educator. She's caring and progressive and teaches beyond the curriculum.Best Learning Experience

Best Learning Experience

I think one of my best learning experiences was during my EDUC 199 class, first term, where one day we spent the whole day travelling to different campus' and exploring their indigenous art. Not only did I learn a lot but as a new student I got to explore the campus’ and familiarize myself with my new environment.

Prospective Student Advice

It's so much different than high school! But I mean that in a good way! You're given the opportunity to learn in such different learning environments than you're used to. You get to go to school with people who are equally passionate. You get to make connections and build relationships that are long-standing. Group projects don't suck anyone! They are (dare I say it) FUN! You get to become a part of the education community!