Bootcamp FrancoFUN

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Core French Teaching Camp

C'est parti : ARTistes à l'oeuvre

March 14-16, 2016
Honeymoon Bay Lodge and Retreat
Honeymoon Bay, BC

  • French Conversation Practice
  • Acativities and Strategies for Core French (Grades 5-10)

Beginner Level A1
: explanations and discussions in English, activities in French
Intermediate Level A2
: all in French

In a relaxing atmosphere, this Bootcamp FrancoFUN offers a wide range of curriculum-centered, interactive linguistic and cultural activities allowing Core French teachers to practice their French skills, network with colleagues and focus on resources (activities and strategies) for their classrooms.

Bootcamp FrancoFUN is jointly organized by the Office of Francophone and Francophile Affairs and the Faculty of Education at Simon Fraser University.

  Preliminary program (coming)

Schedule: The Bootcamp will start on March 14 around 2 pm (check-in starting at 1 pm) and will end on March 16 around 2 pm.

Is this Bootcamp for you?

  • Are you a Core French teacher?  Would you like to practice or improve your French?
  • Do you want to learn innovative ways to engage your Core French students?
  • Are you ready do have fun in French with teachers from across the province?

If you reply "yes" to these 3 questions, then it's time to sign up!


Registration forms and payment must be received by February 22nd.
If not, spots will be given to teachers on the waitlist.
Limited to 27 participants, first come first serve!


The price includes accommodation, meals, activities and resource kit.

Shared rooms (12 available), 2 persons per room

  • $375 per person

Singles rooms (3 available)

  • $ 510 with double bed (1 room available)
  • $ 550 with king bed (2 rooms available)

Please contact your school district about Pro-D funding.  Some school districts have graciously funded previous Bootcamps for their teachers.

Non-reimbursable after the deadline.


12 Shared rooms (maximum of 2 persons per room).

3 single rooms (additional cost).


  Registration form (pdf)
  Registration form (doc)
  Waiver (pdf)


Betty Chin