Full-time Immersion programs

ELC's full-time programs give you the opportunity to study English in a university setting and build the skills you need for academic success. All of our full-time programs include 24 to 27 hours per week of classroom instruction, including the possibility of occasional field trips during class time.

Sample class schedule and curriculum

Canadian Studies

Canadian Studies will help you focus on the cultural context of English by studying topics such as geography, history, government and social institutions, as well as engaging in discussions about current Canadian issues.

You will work both individually and in small groups, and you'll respond to and analyze a variety of authentic texts, including articles, maps, charts, audio-visual presentations, TV, news and documentary clips. You can expect to learn how to watch, interpret, discuss and respond to what Canadians are saying, and to receive the tools to analyze the cultural background of any country.


This course is designed to help you improve your English grammar skills and learn how to write to a Canadian audience. You will learn how to organize your thoughts and express ideas so that Canadian readers will be able to understand what you've written. You may also experiment with creative writing genres.

Listening Practice

Many students struggle to understand popular TV, music, daily conversations and business negotiations. These courses will provide strategies that will help you make sense of slang, idiomatic language and contextual clues. You can expect to learn how to understand not only what people are saying, but also how and why they choose their words and expressions. 

Oral Skills

This class will focus on oral English enhancement. You will practise ways to improve your speech clarity and fluency through informal conversation and formal speaking tasks. You'll target various aspects of spoken mechanics, including the following:

  • Pronunciation
  • Rhythm
  • Stress
  • Volume
  • Projection
  • Intonation
  • Cadence
  • Linking
  • Body language

By focusing on these skills, you will build fluency and self-confidence in speaking English through several activities:

  • Spontaneous speaking
  • Role-playing
  • Debates
  • Interviewing Canadians
  • Speeches
  • Presentations

Reading Skills

The Reading Skills class combines reading comprehension and vocabulary building in a variety of formats. You will analyze how writers use language to stress and change meanings and develop an awareness of current events, Canadian social issues, and popular culture.

By questioning the language, images and attitudes presented in literature, newspapers, magazines, cartoons and advertising, you will develop an understanding of culture and international context.

News Media

The News Media course will help you learn how to understand what people say and write. You will actively practise your English listening, reading and speaking skills through electronic and print media and learn strategies for making sense of language, images and attitudes presented in the news. This course will also introduce you to some topical issues that are currently of concern to Canadians.


For three hours each week, students in the eight-week with specialization program study an elective (specialization) of their choice. You may choose one of the following:

  • IELTS Preparation
  • Business Communications
  • English and Global Citizenship
  • Grammar Intensive
  • Cultural Studies Through Film Analysis

For more detailed information about entry requirements, fees and policies, please contact Judy Shabtai at elc@sfu.ca.

Other costs (approximate per student for one month)

Accommodation and airport pick-up

SFU-ELC does not arrange homestay accommodations. While there are several home stay providers in the Vancouver area you can choose from, SFU-ELC has a long and positive working relationship with First Choice International Placement (FCI). For more information, please visit FCI's website and contact them directly.

Airport pick-up: $100
Accommodation: approximately $1,125 per month
This includes a placement fee of $275 and four weeks' accommodation, including three meals per day.

Medical insurance: $45 (for one month)

Guard.me, SFU's official provider for medical insurance, is mandatory for all SFU international students. Visit the links and resources page for more information.

Transit Compass card: $124 (two zones, for one month)

You can buy a transit Compass card when you arrive in Vancouver. Visit www.translink.bc.ca for more information.

SFU ID card: $20

ID cards are optional. Make these arrangements through ELC.