Police Response: Caution

The police decide to proceed with a “Caution". They don’t handcuff you, but are really clear that if they need to, they will. You go with them (because they have a hold of one of your upper arms) to the police car, and they drive you home. They have a conversation with your parents (who are much more upset than you imagined they would be). You need to report to the police station the next day to fill in a report, and your folks are ANGRY. You kind of zone out, and into your own space, because it is easier to do that than deal with what is happening. Will you ever do something like this again? Who knows. Right now you just want to disappear. Will this go away? Will it haunt you?

The police have to decide whether to charge you with an "Informal Caution" or "Formal Caution".

A. The police decide to Informally Caution you. Choose A

B. The police decide to Formally Caution you. Choose B