Tom, the Tagger

Imagine you are Tom, a sixteen-year old in Grade 11 student at Riverdale HS. You and some buddies met after the football game outside a neighbouring school (the one that just beat your football team), and shared a bottle or two. Now, you have just been caught by the custodian, Jan, in the school yard. You are a little drunk, and there is a smashed window to the principal’s office. Nothing has been taken from the office, but you were caught tagging the wall of the gym. Although you were with friends, they ran off when they saw the custodian coming; you were around a corner and didn’t realize what was happening until it was too late. You would never snitch on your friends. You literally were caught red-handed, and you know your prints are all over the spray can.

The custodian, Jan, is pretty cool and asks you what the heck you are doing, and (surprisingly) what you think he should do. Now that you have been caught ‘red handed’, so to speak, so you are pretty sheepish about everything. It all seems pretty stupid now.

He asks you if he should call the police, or refer you to the school administration, who may refer you to the school’s “Restorative Action” program to give you a chance to deal with what you’ve done.

A. You convince him to call the police, because other than the vandalism you think there is no way they can pin the window (break and enter?) on you. You don’t think it is illegal to be drunk, and there is no liquor left for a ‘possession’ charge. You don’t think it is a very big deal, and hope the cops will just chew you out. Choose A

B. You convince him to refer you to the Principal of the school. You realize you might get in trouble at your school, but…what is a suspension? A few days off. Your parents might be mad, but they understand childish pranks. Choose B