Strategic Vision Background

To be the leading engaged university defined by its dynamic integration of innovative education, cutting-edge research and far-reaching community engagement—this is the strategic vision that will guide Simon Fraser University’s actions and innovations in the years to come.

Thousands of students, staff and faculty—and many thousands more alumni, friends and supporters—joined the 2010-11 envision>SFU consultation process to identify the core strengths on which the university might build its future.

What emerged was a vision of SFU as the engaged university committed to engaging students, research and communities.

Now it is our opportunity—and our challenge—to turn this vision into an exciting and functioning reality.

 » Engaging students

At SFU, students aren’t “end-users” to be trained and delivered, but partners in learning, discovery and community engagement.

In addition to critical thinking and research skills, we help them to gain the practical experience, social aptitudes and civic understanding not only to be job-ready, but also to be life-ready.

 » Engaging research

Our new vision commits SFU to becoming a world leader in knowledge mobilization, renowned for its capacity to disseminate knowledge and to harness new ideas and innovations for the benefit of society.

That commitment rests on a solid foundation of, and continuing commitment to, fundamental research.

 » Engaging communities

If students are SFU’s starting point, community is our destination. Whether by preparing adaptable, high-functioning citizens or by sharing and mobilizing knowledge, SFU celebrates service.

We will contribute all of our capacities, from people to properties, to develop healthier and more vibrant communities.

 » Words into action

After much discussion and reflection, we have created a vision that I believe is authentic and distinct. Now the real work begins.

The potential of this vision rests with you: SFU students, staff, faculty, alumni, supporters and community partners.

I invite you to think about how you can contribute—and the benefits you can derive—from joining the collective enterprise to realize SFU’s potential as the leading engaged university.

Engage with us! Your support will ensure our continued success.

Andrew Petter
President and Vice-Chancellor

Andrew Petter
President and Vice-Chancellor


Download the complete text of the SFU Strategic Vision: