What does it mean to be an engaged university?

At Simon Fraser University, our vision is founded on three interconnected goals: engaging students; engaging research; and engaging communities. That's what gives SFU its distinctive character. Meet some of the people who already exemplify our vision—and check out our Engagement Map for many more examples of how SFU is engaging the world!

Through the formation of an emerging health technologies hub in Surrey, Dr. Ryan D’Arcy is changing the lives of patients – and creating jobs. [ read more ]

Through his integrated, technology-based curriculums, George Agnes is helping to create opportunities for students worldwide to explore stark global realities in real time. [ read more ]

Enriching the student experience is at the heart of the university’s Thelma Finlayson Centre for Student Engagement, opened this fall in Maggie Benston Centre at the Burnaby campus. [ read more ]

Combining Canada's favorite sport with the power of social media, Richard Loat found a way to support food banks across Canada.  [ read more ]

By studying the shimmer of a Blue Morpho butterfly's wings, Canada Research Chair Bozena Kaminska unlocked a new anti-counterfeiting technology to thwart currency forgers. [ read more ]

In a local high school, the Surrey School District opened the SFU Surrey Counselling Centre where SFU grad students help the community deal with a range of issues. [ read more ]

While working with SFU’s Science AL!VE program in Haida Gwaii, Kathryn Ovenell-Carter helped ignite a love of science in young children and discovered her true calling as a teacher. [ read more ]

Fahad Yasin landed an international Co-op position in India through SFU's BC-India Mobility Initiative. His job: to represent Canadian business expertise and discover new opportunities for Canadian investors.  [ read more ]

Professor Gail Anderson uses forensic entomology to assist in homicide cases across North America. She also teaches conservation officers what to look for when conducting poaching investigations. [ read more ]