Dr. Bozena Kaminska
Professor, Engineering Science

Engaging research

SFU researchers are unlocking bankable mysteries

Canada Research Chair Dr. Bozena Kaminska is giving her research wings: butterfly wings to be precise.

By studying the magnificent shimmer of the Blue Morpho’s wings, the engineering science researcher unlocked the secret to an important new anti-counterfeiting technology based on the reflection and transmission of light waves

Through replication of this shimmer, Bozena and her team created the world’s first master shim, or master stamp. The master stamp allows manufacturers to quickly and cost-effectively reproduce nano-structures in a variety of materials—including banknotes—without changing the manufacturing process. It is also virtually impossible to forge.

Bozena and her team of SFU students are working together with Nanotech Security Corp. to bring the world-class nanotechnology to the authentication and anti-counterfeiting market.

By partnering with businesses, SFU is mobilizing practical applications for research to create financial opportunities both locally and around the world.

SFU researchers Bozena Kaminska and Clint Landrock are part of Nanotech Security Corp.'s science team that used nanotechnology to create a revolutionary anti-counterfeiting security measure for a number of applications, including banknotes.