Fahad Yasin,
Student Beedie School of Business

Engaging students

SFU delivers a world of opportunity

Fahad Yasin took SFU’s promise of experiential, global learning to heart. After participating in an exchange at the Copenhagen Business School in 2010, he accepted an International Co-op placement in India through SFU’s BC-India Mobility Initiative in 2011.

During his Co-op term, Fahad met with members of the local business community to examine possibilities for future partnerships between B.C. and India. His job was to represent Canadian business expertise and to discover new opportunities for Canadian investors.

The Co-op program was a life-altering educational experience that provided him with the tools to tackle issues beyond Canada’s borders.

Supported by SFU’s international connections, Fahad was able to find new ways to apply his knowledge in diverse communities and help bring Canadian and Indian cultures closer.