Engaging communities

SFU campuses redefine the heart of a community

Surrey School District Superintendent Mike McKay can attest to the significant impact SFU makes on the communities it serves.

Compared with Richmond, Vancouver and the North Shore, the South Fraser region of British Columbia has traditionally seen lower transition rates from secondary to post-secondary programs.

Now, according to a Surrey School District graduating student survey, Surrey is reporting a 10 per cent spike in the number of Grade 12 students who intend to pursue post-secondary education and an even bigger increase in those who identify SFU Surrey as their destination of choice.

The Surrey School District has partnered closely with SFU to make post-secondary education more accessible to young people. By opening the SFU Surrey Counseling Centre in one of the district’s secondary schools, SFU is providing experiential learning opportunities to its grad students and providing services to the community on a range of issues.

The Surrey school district/SFU partnership is building community strength by fostering the mental health of individuals and families, leading to the reduction of barriers to academic and lifelong success.