Richard Loat, Student
School of Communication

Engaging students

SFU students are players in the game of life

SFU student Richard Loat took what he learned in SFU’s School of Communication and turned it into a non-profit to feed food banks across Canada.

CMNS353 focuses on social change and how it relates to emerging information technologies. Inspired by this dynamic, Richard leveraged his newfound social media skills to launch Five Hole for Food, an annual coast-to-coast food drive grounded in street hockey.

By partnering with professional and amateur hockey teams, Five Hole for Food hosts a 17-day tour to raise awareness about hunger in Canada. In each city, a road hockey “rink” is set up in a central location where anyone is welcome to join the game—in return for a donation of food.

In 2010, Richard raised 2,727 kg (6,000 lbs) for Canadian food banks. In 2011, that total grew to 19,545 kg (43,000 lbs) and this year he hopes to beat that record.

Through his experiences at SFU, Richard is gaining the tools and skills needed for life in a tech-savvy, interconnected world.