Information for Second Degree Students

Welcome to SFU Engineering Science! Here’s some useful information to get you started.


Students seeking course waivers based on courses from their first degree must supply all relevant detailed course outlines, after first having them assessed by the respective department (e.g., an outline for a waiver sought for a Chemistry course, must first be presented to the Chemistry department) before being submitted to the School of Engineering Science via the appeal form.

Due to Canadian Engineering Accreditation Board guidelines and rules, SFU Engineering will not normally be able to grant any waivers for an SFU Engineering course. Waivers cannot be granted for upper division courses.  Second degree students may receive waivers for up to half the required credit hours based on previous studies. Please also see the university policy regarding second degree students.

Please also note that students who already have an undergraduate engineering degree may only choose the Biomedical Engineering option. 

For second degree questions, please contact:


Plan your semester(s)

Once you have received your list of waivers, cross-reference with the ENSC curriculum to see which courses you still need to complete. Then review the schedule of classes for the upcoming semester – not all courses are offered each semester. Finally, in consultation with a FAS advisor, create a plan of study for the next semester (and beyond).

Please note that if you already have an undergraduate engineering degree then the only option available to you is Biomedical Engineering.

Enroll in courses

Second degree students may have trouble enrolling as the system won’t show they have completed the course prerequisites. If you have difficulty enrolling in ENSC courses, please contact the ENSC Undergraduate Program Assistant ( with your name and student number. Also, forward this to the FAS advisors (, with a list of your waivers.