Declaring Your Engineering Science Option

Students who entered the program Fall 2013 and later: Engineering students cannot declare their option until they have successfully completed ENSC 194, ENSC 195, or ENSC 196 (first co-op semester). To be eligible to enrol in upper division engineering courses, excluding ENSC 320, students must have declared their option.

Students who entered the program in Summer 2013 and earlier: Engineering students based at the Burnaby campus must declare their options (concentrations) before their fourth semester.

Students who have not declared their option may also be unable to register in courses that are specific to certain options. Further down the line, they may also run into complications with the grad check process.

Biomedical Engineering and Engineering Physics are honours only options which require a minimum CGPA of 3.0 to enroll and for graduation. 

Please check your Advising Transcript on go.sfu to see if your option is already on the system (you will find it listed as your concentration under the Student Programs section just below your personal information). If it is not there, you can declare your option by submitting the online form at