USRA Information for Faculty


STEP 1 – How Students Apply

Only SFU Engineering Science undergraduate students are eligible. Students submit their electronic document applications (resume/cover letter/unofficial transcript, scan of NSERC Form 202 Part I and Reference Number) directly to you by February 14, 2022. (You will need the Reference Number from Part I if matched with a student.)

STEP 2 – Interview/Selection of a Student

Please read carefully the student criteria under the “Student Instructions” on this web page. Contact suitable students directly to make arrangements to interview. DO NOT make formal job offers to students at this time.

STEP 3 – Ranking/Matching

Funding is limited. By February 16, 2022, please submit rankings for 2 positions only. Email  your project(s) and students by rank order of preference (#1, #2).  UCC will rank the projects based on a combination of the student and faculty rankings.

On February 21, 2022 professors will be notified by email of their matches. Professors will notify his/her candidate(s) if their application was successful and matched with a project pending receipt of funding. Professors must also notify the candidate that they must now order an official transcript.  Professors notify student(s) not matched. 

STEP 4 –Online application after being matched with a student

Professors matched with a student must complete Form 202 Part II and submit it online. (Note, the professor must submit Part II form online before the student is able to submit Part I online.)  Once Part II is submitted, the professor must notify the selected student to proceed with their application. Failure to submit a complete online application will result in the loss of the position. (Students must submit their application online by February 21, 2022)

To complete Form Part II online, you will need:

1. The applicant’s Reference Number.

2. Your NSERC Operating Grant number which is available via FAST on the web.

3. The Eligible Research Subject Codes for USRA projects from NSERC’s web site. Identify the research subject code that best describes the proposed area of research and not the supervisor’s research subject code; it may be significantly different from the codes on the appended list.

Complete Form 202 Part II Available online in electronic format in a PDF version by clicking on System Login or Register as a First-Time User. Ensure that the PIN (Personal Identification Number) of the proposed supervisor and the AID (Application Identification Number) of your NSERC grant are reflected on Part II. (No signatures are required).

Step 5 - NSERC Submission

ENSC will submit paper application forms Part I and II and a ranking to the Dean of Grad Studies office by February 25, 2022.  DGS will review the eligibility of all ‘A’ listed applicants and start offering NSERC USRA awards according to department rankings. Award Offer Letters and Award Acceptance Forms will be sent via email early March.

Top ranked ‘B’ listed applicants will be considered for VPR USRA Science awards. Offers will be sent via email starting the middle of March.