English is for students who enjoy reading and research, and love language and honing written arguments. It will be of particular interest to those who like thinking critically and creatively about ideas, and enjoy discussing those ideas with others.

English provides opportunities to gain insight into the world of ideas, to deepen knowledge of great literature, and to understand the role of literature in reflecting and shaping culture. 

The history of literature, the study of the English language, and training in precise and meaningful writing are important components of English. By refining research and critical thinking abilities and learning to write cogently and persuasively, English students will be able to interpret the written word and use it effectively.


The Department of English offers more than 150 courses. Our course offerings cover the spectrum of English studies, from Old English and Shakespeare to contemporary Canadian and Asian North American literature.

We also offer comprehensive distance education courses and cooperative education opportunities. Students can choose from various program options, or enrol in one of our joint major programs with Communications, French, Gender, Sexuality and Women's Studies (GSWS), History, and Humanities.

The English Department gives students the opportunity to participate in field schools, to work with the Department’s writer-in-residence, and even to assist faculty with research.

Where can English take you?

  • Book, multimedia, and magazine environments
  • Government policy analyst or researcher
  • Public relations and communications, broadcasting, and journalism
  • Consulting firms
  • Community and social service workers
  • Public administration
  • International development agencies and organizations
  • Education and academia

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