Carole Gerson



  • BA (Simon Fraser)
  • MA (Dalhousie)
  • PhD (British Columbia)


Carole Gerson (FRSC) has worked extensively on early Canadian literature and Canadian book history. A contributor to all three volumes of History of the Book in Canada, she co-edited volume 3 (University of Toronto Press, 2007) which covers the 1918-80 period. Her particular focus on women writers has resulted in many articles that include well-known authors such as L.M. Montgomery and Susanna Moodie, as well as studies of the canonization of Canadian women writers that involve more obscure figures. With Veronica Strong-Boag, she issued two books on Pauline Johnson: Paddling Her Own Canoe: The Times and Texts of E. Pauline Johnson (Tekahionwake) (2000) and E. Pauline Johnson, Tekahionwake: Collected Poems and Selected Prose (2002). She received the Gabrielle Roy prize for criticism for her latest book, Canadian Women in Print, 1750-1918, which applies the principles of print culture analysis to a wide range of early authors. Her work has been consistently supported by grants from SSHRC and the CFI, and by a Killam Research Fellowship. In 2013 she received the Marie Tremaine Medal from the Bibliographical Society of Canada.


This instructor is currently not teaching any courses.

Published Books

  • In Due Season, by Christine van der Mark. 1947; afterword by Carole Gerson and Janice Dowson, 2016.
  • Canadian Women in Print, 1750—1918, 2010.
  • History of the Book in Canada / Histoire du livre et de l’imprimé au Canada, vol 3 (1918-80), ed. Carole Gerson and Jacques Michon, 2007.
  • E. Pauline Johnson, Tekahionwake: Collected Poems and Selected Prose, ed. Carole Gerson and Veronica Strong-Boag, 2002.
  • Paddling Her Own Canoe: Times and Texts of E. Pauline Johnson (Tekahionwake), Veronica Strong-Boag and Carole Gerson, 2000.
  • Roland Graeme: Knight, by Agnes Maule Machar, 1892; introd and annotated by Carole Gerson, 1996.
  • Canada's Early Women Writers: Texts in English to 1859, 1994.
  • Canadian Poetry: The Beginnings Through The First World War, ed. Carole Gerson and Gwendolyn Davies, 1994.
  • A Purer Taste: The Writing and Reading of Fiction in English in Nineteenth-Century Canada, 1989.
  • Vancouver Short Stories, ed. Carole Gerson, 1985.
  • Three Writers of Victorian Canada: Rosanna Leprohon, James De Mille, Agnes Maule Machar, 1983.