Decentering Whiteness in Medieval Texts, in the Field and the Classroom

Dr. Mary Rambaran-Olm
Dr. Nahir Otaño-Gracia
Dr. Valerie M. Wilhite

Representatives of the Medievalist of Color group are seeking papers for a 2-part workshop entitled “Decentering Whiteness in Medieval Texts, in the Field and the Classroom.” The purpose of this workshop is to encourage participants to seek out texts, themes and branches of medieval studies beyond white, Christian, Anglo-centric methodologies in research, the classroom and within our understanding of the field. We encourage scholars from various fields and disciplines to participate in this workshop. The major feature of the workshop is ‘how to be a better ally’ which will allow participants to engage in discussion on what ally-ship means and how one can strengthen ally-ship in the workplace and classroom. 250-word proposals can be sent to: by July 15th, 2018.