April is National Poetry Month. Poetry is integral to arts and culture generally. However, in these strange and unprecedented times, as a pandemic sweeps the globe, poetry can help assuage the fear and uncertainty communities are feeling. Poetry has the power to bring us together, even as we must necessarily physically distance ourselves from each other during this difficult historical moment.

To honour and celebrate poetry within our community, the SFU Department of English is sharing poetry by SFU professors, students, alumni, and former writers-in-residence. Check back frequently for new poems throughout April.

“The Last First Date” by Kevin Spenst

“Sea Change” by Harvey de Roo

"Island Hopping” by Isabella Wang

“Untitled” by Steve Collis

 “Elegy for Opportunity” by Natalie Lim

"The Canoe, Too” by Fred Wah

“That Well of Tears is Mine” by Amy De’Ath

“VAN, CAN” by George Bowering

“Multiples of 12” by Tina Do

"Trillium and Unicorn” by Susan McCaslin

“The Sound of the World” by Caroyn Zonailo

"BELONGINGS RESOLVE" by Cecily Nicholson 

“Is anyone ever really found innocent” by Clint Burnham