Reacting to the Past Game

September 18, 2017

We were joined by Dr. David Eick from Grand Valley State University who took us through a micro-game version of Rousseau, Burke, and Revolution in France, 1791, a Reacting to the Past pedagogical game set during the French revolution during the National Assembly. 

In our game, PhD students Kandice Sharren and Taylor Morphett with Dr. Leith Davis and Dr. Sheila Delany represented the fearless Jacobins, Dr. Paul Budra and Maureen Curtin were the Feuillant, Dr. Diana Solomon, Dr. Elise Chenier and MA student Katie Gillespie were the nobility and clergy and our very own Dr. Mary Ann Gillies and Phil Cunningham as the sans-culottes. After each side debated their assigned roles' position, and the sans-culottes took action against both the nobility and clergy and the Fevillant, the vote took place and the constitution passed!

Dr. Diana Solomon is using Reacting to the Past games in her English 398 course, Majors Authors for Non-Majors. These games are set in the past and run by students who are informed by primary and secondary sources to better understand the role they have been given. In our game, each participant was given a role-sheet and quotes from Burke and Rousseau to inform their positions. SFU English is among the first departments in Canada to use these games which have been used in 350 departments in the USA.

Stay tuned, later in the semester we will update our blog to look at the great work being done in Dr. Solomon's class.