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Making Nineteenth-Century Literary Environments - ENGL 435

June 16, 2017

Students in Dr. Margaret Linley's ENGL 435 class recently completed a project entitled, Making Nineteenth-Century Literary Environments. Their collected essays are showcased here.

Margaret Linley

This project was made possible by generous support from Simon Fraser University. I wish to thank Melanie Hardbattle, Acting Head of SFU Special Collections for enabling access to the Library's rare books and print ephemera. I am happy to thank the SFU Print Culture group, led by Matt Hussey, for hosting eco-critic and leading William Morris scholar Elizabeth C. Miller - and thank you, Liz, for a great class. I am grateful to my colleague and friend, Steve Collis, for inspiring the students with his poetry and helping them to see connections between past and present. I would also like to acknowledge support of the SFU VPR Undergraduate Student Research Assistant awards program, which enabled me to include two undergraduate students to help with final copyediting and formatting, thereby extending the mentoring process beyond the classroom. I am delighted to acknowledge Rebecca Baum and Alexis Fladmark, the two diligent and efficient undergraduate RAs for their careful assistance with final preparation. I owe many thanks to SFU Library for ongoing support and especially Rebecca Dowson, SFU Digital Scholarship Librarian. Above all, I am grateful to the PKP team and Kevin Stranack, without whose hard work, dedication, and expertise this project would never have seen the light of day.

To the students in English 435, your enthusiasm, willingness to learn, and fearlessness in trying new things is a gift. I hope you take something from this project into your future endeavours.

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