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SFU English wins #SustainableSpaces offices draw!

July 17, 2017

The Department of English is proud to announce that we have successfully obtained a Sustainable Spaces Ranking of Silver from SFU Sustainability. We are also pleased to announce that SFU English has won this month's #SustainableSpaces offices draw for $200, which will be used for our sustainability efforts in the workplace.

You can help with our efforts too, by being mindful of small changes that can be made to improve sustainability, such as:

  • When using the copier after hours, be sure to press the "power off" button after use.
  • Printing double-sided, rather than single-sided.
  • Using the Four-Stream Zero Waste Stations in common areas, rather than throwing everything in your office garbage bin.
  • Devices such as monitors/printers are automatically turned off (or put on sleep mode) when not in use.

Many of you may already be doing all these things (and more!), so thank you! And for those who can make improvements, thank you for considering these changes.

Just look at how easy and rewarding it is to recycle, as demonstrated by Renaissance Coffee below.

Dr. Paul Budra, modelling for SFU Sustainability.

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