Admission and Requirements

Admission to the M.A. Program

Students wishing to pursue the Print Culture specialization must apply to the Department of English M.A. Program and be accepted through the regular application process. The deadline for applications is January 15th. For details on the application procedure, please visit the English Department’s Graduate Studies Webpage.


Specialization in Print Culture

Upon admission to the Department of English M.A. Program, students can elect to pursue a specialization in Print Culture. There is no separate application procedure for the specialization, but students must ensure that they satisfy the necessary requirements. Students are strongly advised to declare their intention to pursue the specialized M.A. by the end of their second (spring) semester of the Masters program by completing and submitting the Declaration Form to the Print Culture Co-ordinator.


Requirements for the Specialization in Print Culture

Students take ENGL 820, “Theoretical approaches to Print Culture,” in their first (fall) semester of the Masters program. This course, taught by the Print Culture Program Co-ordinator, will provide students with the necessary theoretical and historical grounding in the field. Students will take an additional five courses for the M.A., of which three must carry the Print Culture designation. To complete their M.A., students will write a revised research paper (Engl. 891 – M.A. paper or project).

The requirements for this defence may be viewed on the English Department's Graduate Studies Webpage.