The following faculty are currently members of the Print Culture steering committee:

Emeriti and Retired Faculty
  • Carole Gerson (emerita)

Print Culture Steering Committee Bios

Betty Schellenberg

My expertise is in print and manuscript cultures of the 18th century. I have worked especially on the topics of author professionalization and literary coteries, and my archival research has focused on authors' correspondence, Bluestocking letter collections, and the records of manuscript-exchanging literary coteries. At the moment, I am conducting the first-ever study of manuscript verse miscellanies. These are unique, personal poetry anthologies created by “ordinary people” out of poetry copied from magazines, the writing of people in their networks, and their own compositions. What these people chose to copy, imitate, adapt, and juxtapose offers us a rare glimpse into the lively poetry scene of the eighteenth century. A spin-off from this project is an open-access database of miscellanies scattered throughout archives in the UK and North America.

Michael Everton

My fields are American literature before 1900 and Book History. I work primarily on the history of American publishing, focusing especially on its economic, ethical, and legal aspects. At the moment, I'm co-authoring (with legal scholar Robert Spoo) a monograph on "trade courtesy," the extra-legal norm that structured the 19th-century transnational book trade in the absence of international copyright law. Book History figures in other projects I have on the go as well, including an article rethinking the 19th-century response to Salem witchcraft using Anglo-American popular literature. I'm also honoured to be one of the general editors of the new Broadview Anthology of American Literature.

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