Michelle Levy



  • BA, JD, MA, Toronto
  • PhD, UCLA


Michelle Levy specializes in Romantic literary history, print and manuscript culture, and women’s book history. She is the co-editor of the Broadview Reader in Book History (with Tom Mole, 2014); the co-author of Broadview Introduction to Book History (with Tom Mole, 2017); and is a contributor to the Multigraph Collective’s Interacting with Print: Elements of Reading in the Era of Print Saturation (2018). She has published extensively on women writers, print and manuscript culture, and digital humanities. Her first book, Family Authorship and Romantic Print Culture (Palgrave, 2008), explores the conjunction of authorship and family life as a distinctive cultural formation of the late eighteenth and early nineteenth century. Her new book, Literary Manuscript Culture in Romantic Britain, forthcoming in 2020 with Edinburgh University Press, describes how the practices of manuscript production and circulation interacted with an expanding print marketplace to nurture and transform the period’s literary culture. She also directs the Women’s Print History Project, 1750-1830, a comprehensive bibliographical database of women’s books.

London/Lake District Field School (2020):



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