• Will I be matched with a student? How many students will I be meeting with?

No, it is up to the students, once they’ve been approved, to review the list of alumni and initiate contact. As a result, and because the program will take some time to gain momentum, you may not have any students contact you for a while. If, on the other hand, you find you have more students contacting you than you can handle, you are welcome to tell them that you are at your capacity and currently unavailable.

  • What will students expect in our first meeting?

Though you are free to arrange something different, students are advised to approach their first meeting with you as an informational interview, which is described for them as follows:

This is not a job interview, but rather your chance to interview someone about his or her job, to learn more about a particular career: what a typical day entails, what the workplace culture is like, what you might expect as a starting salary, the overall pros and cons, etc. The key to a successful informational interview is preparation; you will be expected to read the guidelines called “The TIARA Model” before you are given access to the list of alumni. The following websites are also very helpful in preparing you for an effective informational interview:

40 Questions to Ask in an Informational Inteview

Interview Information 

  • How—and how many times—are we required to meet?

Face-to-face meetings are preferable, though we recognize that some alumni are only available by phone and/or Skype. Meeting at your workplace will give the student a sense of the culture and environment, but you can make alternative arrangements. You are not required to meet more than once. You may end up arranging a second meeting during your first one, or meeting several times, or the student may learn all he or she needs to learn in the first meeting. As always, the duration and nature of the interaction is up to you.

  • What if the student fails to show, is unprofessional, etc.?

Before accessing the list of alumni mentors, students are required to read the expectations (see FAQ for Students) and the TIARA guidelines for informational interviews, and sign a form indicating that they have done so. But if you encounter any problems, do not hesitate to contact the Undergraduate Advisor or the Undergraduate Chair.

  • What if my situation—either my place of employment or my availability—changes?

Just contact the Undergraduate Advisor or the Undergraduate Chair and we can update your on-line bio or, if you wish, remove you from the list.

  • How long are alumni expected to commit to the program?

We ask that you participate for one year, at which point we will contact you to see if you are interested in continuing. If prior to one year your situation changes and you no longer wish to participate, please contact the Undergraduate Advisor or the Undergraduate Chair.