Spring 2018 (1181) Courses by Subtitle


Literary Classics, Whatever They Are
ENGL 111W D100, D. Coley

Literature of the Border, Refuge, and Migration
ENGL 112W D100, S. Collis

Violence, Conflict, and Creation
ENGL 115W D100, S. Brook

Democracy. Human Rights. Sympathy. Nature. Imagination. Science.
ENGL 206 D100, L. Davis

Literatures of Displacement, Migration, and Belonging in the 21st Century
ENGL 208 D100, C. Kim

Desire and Early Modern English Literature
ENGL 310 E100, N. Szymanski

Shakespeare: The Early Years
ENGL 311 D100, P. Budra

Sex, Sin, the Self, and the City
ENGL 320 D100, B. Schellenberg

The Scriblerians: Fragmentation and Repurposing
ENGL 322 D100, N. Didicher

Digital Literary Studies: What is it? How do we do it? Why do it?
ENGL 363 D100, M. Linley

Digital Perspectives on Literary Criticism as Handmade Information Transmission
ENGL 364 D100, P. St. Pierre

Humour and Rhetoric
ENGL 375 D100, S. Zwagerman

From Eunuchs to Drag Queens: Queer Performances in Restoration and Eighteenth-Century England
ENGL 380 E100, D. Weston

Crime and Film Noir
ENGL 383 D100, T. Kehler

ENGL 400W D100, M. Hussey

“What was Clytemnestra to them?”: Early Modern Revenge and its Classical Background
ENGL 407W D100, T. Kehler

Transatlantic Romanticism
ENGL 427W E100, L. Davis

The Nature of Victorian Literature
ENGL 434W D100, M. Linley

Studies in Modernism: Katherine Mansfield and Her Circle
ENGL 438W D100, M.A. Gillies

Time Travel Texts for Young Readers
ENGL 487W D100, N. Didicher

Ink: Pacific Islands Art, Moko, Fiction, and Poetry
ENGL 492W D100, P. St. Pierre