Adventures in Unreliable Narration
Literary Classics in English - ENGL 111W D100, J. Smith

Troubled Kingdoms, or, Beowulf Explains Brexit
Literary Classics in English - ENGL 111W D900, A. Minard

Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Real Life
Literature Now - ENGL 112W D100, B. Rossell

Are You with Me Yet? Short, Sweet, and Persuasive
Language and Purpose - ENGL 114W D100, B. Schellenberg

Literature and Culture -  ENGL 115W D100, JD Fleming

Philosopher Poets, Quarrelsome Queens, and Sorcery on Stage
Early Modern Literature - ENGL 203 D100, A. Minard

Reading the Short Story
Twentieth Century Literatures in English - ENGL 207 D100, S. Brook

Ways of Reading
History and Principles of Literary Criticism - ENGL 216 D100, C. Lesjak

Before Shakespeare
Studies in Early Modern Literature to 1660 - ENGL 310 D100, P. Budra

Shakespeare and the Politics of Dissembling
Early Shakespeare - ENGL 311 D100, T. Kehler

The King James Bible
Studies in Seventeenth Century Non-Dramatic Literature - ENGL 315 D100, JD Fleming

Land, Water, and Memory
Studies in the Literature of British Columbia - ENGL 359 D100, C. Kim

Comic Books and Graphic Novels
Popular Writing by Indigenous Authors - ENGL 360 D100, S. McCall

Style: Forms of Linguistic Expression for Writers
Writing: Theory and Practice - ENGL 371 D100, P. Cramer

Rethinking Orientalism
Studies in Asian Diasporic Literatures - ENGL 394 D100, C. Kim

"Loathsome canker" or "sweetest bud"?: Love in Shakespeare's Sonnets
Topics in Early Modern English Non-Dramatic Literature - ENGL 410W D100, T. Kehler

The Salem Witch Trials through Victorian Eyes
Topics in American Literature Before 1900 - ENGL 447W D100, M. Everton

1925 in U.S. Fiction
Topics in American Literature Since 1900 - ENGL 449W D100, J. Smith

At the Crossroads: Indigenous and Black Writing in Canada
Topics in Canadian Literature - ENGL 455W D100, S. McCall

Discourse Analysis
Studies in the English Language - ENGL 470W D100, P. Cramer

Advanced Seminar-Workshop in the Practice of Experimental Fiction
Advanced Creative Writing - ENGL 472W E100, A. Schofield