Summer 2019 Courses by Subtitle

Monsters and the Monstrous
Literary Classics in English - ENGL 111W D100, A. Minard

Telling Stories
Literature Now - ENGL 112W D100, M.A. Gillies

Order & Disorder in 20th Century Fiction
Twentieth Century Literatures in English - ENGL 207 J100, J. Whatley

Chiller, Thriller, and Horror: Hitchcock
Special Studies - ENGL 376 E100, T. Kehler

Learning Literature through Role-Playing
Major Authors for Non-Majors - ENGL 398 D100, D. Solomon

Genre Trouble
Topics in Eighteenth Century Literature - ENGL 420W D100, D. Solomon

Studies in Modernism: 1922
Topics in Modernism - ENGL 438W D100, M.A. Gillies