November 1 2018 

Join us at the latest ACE BC/YK Speaker Series event to learn more about the topics of environmental lighting and circadian rhythm

ACE BC/YK Speaker Series Event:
Environmental Lighting & Circadian Rhythm


Speakers: Maureen Haddock & Rob Kolen

Rob Kolen and Maureen Haddock have an extensive background in healthcare in both clinical and administrative settings as well as project planning and construction in Facility Management.

We will be presenting the topic of lighting as it pertains to describing its functions in developing a project. Using a process, we call Owners Project Requirements, we will be showing how the specific functional description of lighting needs will improve communication between owners and consultants as well as provide the owner group with a check list to facilitate any questions, check against options presented, and evaluate choices at the end of the project.


Speaker: Dr. Myriam Juda

Dr. Myriam Juda is a Vancouver-based research psychologist (Simon Fraser University) and consultant (Circadian Light Therapy), specialized in circadian rhythms. In collaborations between SFU, UBC, BC Hydro, Provincial Health Services Authority and Fraser Health, she is currently running studies exploring the effects of cycled lighting - changing in intensity and colour temperature over 24 hours at the Burnaby Center for Mental Health and Addictions and at the Nimi Nikkei senior home.

Our body has a circadian clock, which determines when we’re awake or sleepy during the 24-hour day. When we work and sleep out of alignment with our circadian clock, such as in shift work, we experience symptoms similar to jetlag (e.g. fatigue, disturbed sleep). Although travellers adjust to a new time zone within a few days, the majority of shift workers never adjust to working nights. Light is the dominant environmental cue for synchronizing the circadian clock. Carefully scheduled exposure to light in the workplace can reduce the physiological, cognitive and health consequences associated with disruptions in our circadian clock.


Date: Thursday November 1, 2018

Time: 6:00 pm to 6:30 pm – Registration & Networking
6:30 pm to 8:30 pm – Presentations & Questions
8:30 pm to 9:00 pm – Networking & Closing Remarks

Cost: ACE members-FREE | Non-members: $20 (cash at entrance)

Location: Creekside Community Recreation Centre, Multipurpose Room 1, 1 Athletes Way, Vancouver, BC (Underground parking at Easy Park Lot 68 - $6 flat rate after 6pm)

RSVP: Please contact Dora Hsiao at hsiaodora@gmail.com. Space is limited!

Light refreshments and appetisers will be provided.


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