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The Iron Ring is worn by Canadian engineers as a symbol and reminder of the obligations and ethics associated with engineering. The ESSS manages the registration for Iron Ring for SFU Engineering students. Check out the camp5 website (click the camp5 logo on the left) for the most up-to-date information on ceremonies.


Need some help with your first- or second-year course? Join our tutoring Canvas page to get some help from students who have already made it through those courses. Interested in being a tutor? We recruit at the end of each semester for the next one, so keep an eye on your email or check back here!


Come see what the ESSS is up to by attending one of our bi-weekly meetings. Meeting times are set at the start of each semester, keep your eye out for an email about general meeting times if you want to give input on when you’re available. Miss a meeting or can’t remember a detail from a past meeting? Take a look at our meeting minutes!

General Meeting

  • Public meetings open to anyone!
  • All ENSC students (ENSC majors, minors, or in an ENSC class) have voting rights
  • Spring 2023 Meeting Dates - Tuesdays 4:30 PM in TASC9408 biweekly
  • Pay attention to our newsletter for meeting reminders

Executive Meeting

  • Public meetings open to anyone!
  • ESSS executives have voting rights
  • Spring 2023 Meeting Dates - TBA


For the official and complete descriptions of all positions and ESSS procedures, refer to the documents page.

Executive Positions

  • Guide the Executive Council
  • Chair all meetings and be the official spokesperson for the ESSS
  • Enforce and maintain the Constitution, Bylaws, and Policy Manual of the ESSS
  • Oversee the Class Representatives
VP Admin
  • Oversee access of the ESSS physical and digital spaces
  • Act as Secretary for all meetings
  • Maintain documentation and archival media of the ESSS
  • Maintain and oversee the ESSS’s website, email server, and social media
  • Oversee the roles and responsibilities of the Directors of Common Room, Publications, and Website
VP External
  • Liaise with the CFES, WESST, and EGBC
  • Oversee the coordination of the Iron Ring ceremony
  • Oversee the organization of the SFU Engineering Competition
  • Form a committee of ESSS members for the purpose of selecting conference delegates
  • Oversee the roles and responsibilities of the Directors of OpFair and Diversity
VP Finance
  • Manage the writing and approval of grants
  • Liaise with the bank that holds the ESSS’s external account
  • Prepare the budget for the fiscal year and analyze the previous year’s budget
  • Maintain financial records and accounts
  • Oversee the purchase and sale of merchandise
  • Oversee the roles and responsibilities of the Directors of Merchandise and Sponsorship
VP Social
  • Form events committees with Representatives and Society Members when necessary for an event
  • Promote events and services offered by the ESSS
  • Organize and fill an events calendar for their upcoming term
  • Oversee the roles and responsibilities of the Director of Spirit
VP Academic
  • Oversee the administration of ESSEF grants
  • Oversee the ESSEF Parts Library
  • Attend all Undergraduate Curriculum Committee meetings
  • Survey Members for academic concerns to be brought to Undergraduate Curriculum Committee meetings
  • Oversee the roles and responsibilities of the Director of Resource Centre
VP Internal
  • Present topics from SFSS Council meetings to the Members at Regular meetings
  • Provide representation of the ESSS to the SFSS Council
  • Liaise with Engineering Clubs

Director Positions

Director of Diversity
  • Assists VP Social and VP External
  • Serves as the primary liaison between ESSS and diversity in engineering groups
  • Being informed of on-campus centres, clubs, and services for diversity groups in order to assist students
  • Hosts events that promote or inform the student body about diversity in engineering
Director of Sponsorship
  • Assists VP Social and VP External
  • Seeks sponsorship for social/professional events
  • Seeks long term sponsorship for ESSS
Director of Common Room
  • Assists VP Social and VP Admin
  • Oversees maintenance and improvement of the ENSC Common Room
Director of Merchandise
  • Assists VP Admin and VP Finance
  • Oversees the sales and inventory of all ESSS merchandise
  • Designs new merchandise for ESSS
Director of Spirit
  • Assists VP Social
  • Manages ESSS Social Media, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Discord
  • Creates promotional material for events, offline and online
  • Updates the Lab 1 Display Case
Director of OpFair
  • Oversees the planning of the annual OpFair, including the coordination of the planning committee and volunteers
Director of Resource Centre
  • Assists VP Academic
  • Maintains and operates the ESSS 3D Printer
  • Handles 3D printing requests and orders
  • Assists in the prototype development of student projects
  • Informs and educates the student body about 3D printing technology
Director of Publications
  • Assists VP Admin and VP Social
  • Oversees all publicity matters of the ESSS
  • Updates the ESSS display case, design printed and digital materials, and prints materials for activities
Director of Website
  • Maintains and adds new content to the ESSS website
  • Improves design and fixes any reported issues with the ESSS Website
Director of Graphic Design
  • Manages ESSS branding and logo designs
  • Assists ESSS initiatives by providing or implementing graphic designs for posters, social media, banners, etc.
Director of Tutoring
  • Manages the ESSS peer tutoring program
  • Communicates with students and faculty regarding program promotion
  • Responsible for updating the program format and providing training for new tutors
Director of Mentorship
  • Oversees the mentorship program
  • Manages any issues between mentors and mentees
  • Manages the mentorship discord server each term
  • Promotes and recruits for the mentorship program

Class Representatives

Representatives serve as a liason between the Executive Council and their respective body of students. Additionally they may serve as volunteers, organizers, or announcers of events managed by the ESSS. The following positions are filled every year:

First Year Representative x4 Second Year Representative x2 Electronics Engineering Representative Systems Engineering Representative Computer Engineering Representative Biomedical Engineering Representative Engineering Physics Representative

Engineering Clubs and Teams

SFU Engineering has a number of clubs and teams you may be interested in! Make sure to have a look at their websites to learn more about what they do.

Women in Engineering (WiE)

The Women in Engineering Group (WiE), consisting of approximately 150 members, strives to encourage and support the excellence of women who pursue engineering. By nurturing strong academic and social relationships, WiE aspires to increase the presence of women in STEM - to not only succeed in their professional careers, but to inspire the future generations of young females. Check out WiE’s website!


We are the Simon Fraser University (SFU) student branch of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE), the world’s largest professional society dedicated to advancing technological innovation and excellence for the benefit of humanity. Check out the IEEE’s website!

SFU Robot Soccer

SFU’s first Robot Soccer club aims to combine the excitement of soccer with the future of automated technology as we compete in RoboCup Soccer competitions. Their team encourages students from all programs to come together and learn concepts that are not taught in class and get hands-on experience with robotics, artificial intelligence, and teamwork. Furthermore, we have a diverse spread of ages and experience represented in our club; ranging from first year engineering to latter-year computer science. Check out Robot Soccer’s website!

Team Gaurdian Burnaby

Team Guardian is SFU's UAV and drone design team, and they don't build themselves. They bring an accessible platform to learn more about drones, from how they work to how to fly, in a hands-on manner. Their team is split into three categories: the competition team, drone-related projects, and the business development team. Check out Team Guardian’s website!

SFU Rocketry

Striving to launch a rocket designed and built by SFU students, capable of touching the edge of space. Check out SFU Rocketry’s Website!

SFU Aerospace

SFU Aerospace is a joint initiative among the three largest aerospace teams at Simon Fraser University. They are an administrative team working to represent each design team in their efforts for funding and resources. Together, they represent over 100 students and their ambitious goals from designing and building satellites and rockets autonomous drones. They are more than funding and technical development, it is apart of our core values that a STEM education should be accessible to all regardless of their backgrounds and experiences. Most of all, they create a multidisciplinary space. Check out SFU Aerospace’s Website!

WiE Design

Women in Engineering Design Team is an interdisciplinary subset of WiE club which focuses on providing a safe space for women and minorities to gain and build their technical skills. WiE Design is a small technical team of 12 members and is currently working on building an IoT garbage-collecting robot controlled via Bluetooth. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic WiE Design started a PPE initiative to design, 3D-print, and donate face shields and ear savers to healthcare workers, volunteers, and small businesses.

Mentorship Program

The ESSS started the mentorship program initiative in order to connect first and second year students with upper year students. We hope that this will build a stronger community among SFU engineering and provide valuable guidance to newer students entetring the program. Sign-up as a mentor or mentee by filling out the form below!

Other Resources

Course Scheduling

Many students run into issues during course enrolment and have questions about who to contact to get them resolved. We have compiled a curated list of questions and answers to address the most common problems.

Frequently Asked Questions


Undergarduate Assistant (Debbie Newberry) - enscugra@sfu.ca

  • Can manipulate the ENSC course schedule
  • Reviews all submitted forms
  • Can manually enroll you into courses

Academic Advising - asadvise@sfu.ca

  • Can help you plan courses
  • Sometimes uninformed about department policies

VP Academic (Colton Koop) - academic@esss.ca

  • Fellow student who is very knowledgeable on course scheduling
  • Good point of contact if you have an issue that is not adressed in this list


Landing a co-op is not easy, but we're here to help! Here are some of our best tips and resources for landing your dream job.

Application Documents

It is standard to submit a resume, cover letter, and transcript for each co-op position you apply to. As much as we would all love to simply snap our fingers and change our transcripts to have all perfect grades, we can't. The good news is you can still stand out by having an impressive resume and cover letter. Not sure how to design/format your resume and cover letters? Take a look at the SFU OLC's resume and cover letter galleries for some inspiration. Still feeling a bit stuck? follow SFU's guide and checklist for making a resume and cover letter from start to finish. In addition to a strong resume and cover letter, you will greatly increase your chances of being hired if you have either relevant work experience or relevant personal projects for the position your applying to. While many of us do not have relevant work experience, personal projects are something that anyone can do. They show that you are passionate and have demonstrated at least some of the skills they are looking for in a co-op student.

Submit Your Resume and Cover Letter For Peer Review

Interview Prep

Leetcode is the best free platform available when it comes to preparing for coding interviews. Master data structures and algorithms by tackling a subset of over 2000 problems categorized by difficulty, topic, and community feedback. Be sure to search the internet for a good set of questions to work on. If you get stuck or want to confirm that you have the optimal solution to the problem, there are plenty of answers on the platform itself as well as YouTube which you can use as a reference. Good luck on your interview and happy coding!

SFU OLC Interview Question Database has many more typical interview questions for you to practice with as well as suggested strategies on how to answer some of them. You can choose questions based on certain skills, your discipline, or simply general questions.

the interview prep webApp is another site with a plethora of questions you can choose from to compile a practice interview full of questions. You can then record yourself answering the questions to look back on how you answered and improve your answers for your actual interview!


The Engineering Science Student Endowment Fund (ESSEF) accepts applications at the start of each semester for projects and teams once per year. Projects fall into four different categories and students must meet certain criteria to apply. More information on both can been found in the ESSEF Categories file. Watch your email for the application period, deadline to apply, and most up-to-date application form.


As an SFU Engineering student, there are a number of different software applications you can access. Some software is not free and will only run on certain operating systems, so keep this in mind when determining if a software will run on your current environment (or future setup if you plan on buying a new computer with a different OS). Be sure to check out the Azure Dev Tools for more engineering related software such as Visio and Visual Studio Professional IDE.


The cost of a university education can be overwhelming. Luckily, there are scholarships, awards, and bursaries available to help lift some of the burden. Check out the links below for some SFU specific and general Canadian scholarships. If you're employed you can also look into your company's scholarship opprotunities. Applying shouldn't take a tremendous amount of time and there is only free money to gain!

Resource Center

The ESSS Resouce center is a library of parts you can borrow for personal projects, capstone projects, first-year projects, design team projects, and more! Please look at the spreadsheet for a list of available parts. We will add new parts each term. If you see a part you want to borrow, just submit a request to the Google form, and our Resource Center Director will process your request. Please direct all questions to esss_resource@sfu.ca.


Remembering to take care of and support your health and wellness is truly important, and can often be put on the back burner as busy students. FAS has developped a wellness resources page to help us live a more balanced and fulfilling life. The page includes many resources specifc for those of us in the SFU community. One important factor to learning and overall well-being that many students overlook is sleep. Check out the TED talk linked below to understand the importance of sleep.

International Students

We know that are a lot of hoops to jump through as an international student. That's why our international student representative has created a document to highlight some important information regarding co-op and medical insurance. Hopefully this makes things a little bit easier when applying for co-op. Check it out by clicking the link below!

Annual Events

OpFair OpFair

OpFair is SFU’s largest tech-based career fair held annually in January by the ESSS for all FAS students. OpFair is an excellent opportunity for students to network with companies and look for co-op jobs or simply careers. Checkout the OpFair website for the most up-to-date information on OpFair, company attendees, and exhibitor packages.

FROSH is the annual week long welcoming event for SFU engineering students held at the start of September. During a typical year, FROSH generally has a BBQ, Downtown scavenger hunt, icebreakers, and other fun activities. FROSH is an excellent event to meet your new first year engineering classmates.

SFU Engineering Competition SFU Engineering Competition

The SFU Engineering Competition is organized by both Burnaby and Surrey Engineering students and usually runs roughly at the start of November. The competition has multiple categories with a competitive category for first years to Nth years. The competition is the official qualifier for the Western Engineering Competition (WEC).

Pi week runs the week of March 14 each year. The events each day of the week change up every year, but you can generally expect a couple of fun social events and a merch sale. Close to the week, you can find the event schedule on our Instagram and Facebook.

Frosh Pi Week

Conferences and Competitions

SFU students Meeting Group Photo
Executives Meeting (EM)

EM is hosted by WESST (Western Engineering Student Societies Team) usually in May. The conference is meant to help transition incoming executives (VPs and President) for the upcoming year. The First General Assembly of the WESST happens during EM and consists of representatives from schools in western Canada. In order to attend, a person must be elected as a VP or President.

President’s Meeting (PM)

PM is hosted by CFES (Canadian Federation of Engineering Students) normally at the end of September. The First General Assembly of the CFES happens during PM and consists of representatives from schools across Canada. Generally, the VP External and President attend.

Annual General Meeting Retreat (AGMR)

AGMR is hosted by WESST and usually happens in October. Sessions during the conference cover how to become more involved in respective engineering societies. The Second General Assembly for WESST happens during AGMR. Delegates for AGMR are selected by application.

Conference on Diversity in Engineering (CDE)

CDE is hosted by the CFES usually in November. Sessions during the conference discuss how to be more inclusive and diverse in engineering. Delegates for CDE are selected by application.

Canadian Engineering Leadership Conference (CELC)

CELC is hosted by CFES and usually happens in January. Sessions are based on leadership and how to be more involved as a leader in respective engineering societies. Delegates for CELC are selected by application.

Conference on Sustainability in Engineering (CSE)

CSE is hosted by CFES and usually happens in March. Sessions are based on sustainability and being more environmentally friendly in engineering. Delegates for CSE are selected base on application.

SFU Engineering Competition (SFU EC)

SFU EC is organised by the ESSS, MSESS, and SEESS. There are usually six different categories for students of all years and skill levels to particpate in. To attend you must be and ENSC, MSE, or SEE student.

Western Engineering Competition (WEC)

WEC is hosted by WESST and is comprised of winning teams from across western Canada. To attend, you must win your respective category at the SFU Engineering Competition.

Canadian Engineering Competition (CEC)

CEC is hosted by CFES and is comprised of the winning temas from the regional engineering competitions. To compete at CEC, you must win WEC.

Our Purpose and Mission

The Engineering Science Student Society is a Department Student Union (DSU) whose mission is to foster the academic, personal, and professional goals of our students. We strive to improve education quality in conjunction with the School of Engineering, promote engineering as a profession, develop an interest in extra-curricular activities, and encourage school spirit. We provide services and materials to help students succeed in their educational endeavours. We host a variety of events each term that help students interact with their peers, build new connections, and enhance their network.

We communicate with internal, external, and professional engineering groups, mediate with outside groups such as the SFSS, Engineering Science Administration and University Administration, communicate between graduate and undergraduate students, plan social events, and support student initiatives in the engineering community.

We are also partners with the Canadian Federation of Engineering Students (CFES) and the Western Engineering Student Societies Team (WESST) and attend conferences across Canada to advocate student life and engineering accreditation for post-secondary institutions. If you have any academic inquiries, we are your ambassadors and will help you voice your concerns to the right individuals.

ESSS exists to improve the lives of SFU Engineering students during their time at SFU.

Boris Perdija President
Boris Perdija

Hey! Nice to meet you reader, my name's Boris Perdija and I’m a fifth year student at SFU and entering my fourth year in computer engineering.

Outside of my life in engineering, I love watching movies and tv shows - especially the ones that don’t get talked about a whole lot; shooting professional & recreational photography in my free time; hiking, and aviation.

If you ever want to chat about anything, I'm always looking to meet new people! Send me a dm on discord (Berry!#0737) or feel free to say hi if you catch me on campus :)

Laura Flood VP Admin
Laura Flood

Hello! My name is Laura and I am a third (almost fourth) year Systems Eng student. This is also my third (almost fourth) year on the ESSS team! When I have time spare during the engineering grind I love hiking and baking!

Jennifer Gu VP External
Jennifer Gu

Jen is a Systems Engineering student, currently in her fourth year. As VP External, she provides information regarding conferences and opportunities for SFU engineering students across Canada including Western Engineering Competition, SFU OpFair and the Canadian Engineering Leadership Conference. Outside of crying over classes, Jen loves eating new food from around Vancouver and playing Risk of Rain 2.

Kaleigh Toering VP Finance
Kaleigh Toering

Hey y’all! My name is Kaleigh and I’m a fourth year Computer Engineering student. As your VP Finance, I mainly manage budgeting alongside all other financial aspects of the ESSS. Although I’m not a fan of spreadsheets (or Excel), I really enjoy working with the student body to fund events, coordinate design projects, and create initiatives that further build our community and benefit ENSC students! When I’m not on campus you can find me hiking, backpacking, kayaking, or doing anything outdoors!

Rajnesh Joshi VP Social
Rajnesh Joshi

u mirin' brah?

Colton Koop VP Academic
Colton Koop

Hello! My name is Colton Koop, and I'm your 2022/2023 VP Academic.

I began my journey in the Math department, earning myself a minor. Over time, I realized that I'm more interested in the practical side of Mathematics, so I transferred into Engineering and never looked back.

I currently work as an Undergraduate Student Researcher in Dr. Shawn Sederberg's Extreme Photonics laboratory, where I play with lasers and try not blind myself.

When I'm not studying, I'm usually at the gym lifting weights or coaching Brazilian Jiu-jitsu.

Liam Feng VP Internal
Liam Feng

HELLO, my name is Liam Feng, and I am a humble second year who is honoured to call himself your VP internal, ideally representing you and all your wonderful engineering-related interests. My major is currently undecided, but what I do know is that I hope to make you proud.

Liza Awwad Director of Diversity
Liza Awwad
Aaron Lu Director of Sponsorship
Aaron Lu

Hi! I'm Aaron, I am the Director of Sponsorship for the ESSS. My job is to find new sponsors for the events that we host! When I'm not doing that, you'll find me building things or chilling at the beach!

William Zhang Director of Common Room
Aaron Lu

William here, a 3rd year computer engineering student that enjoys dragon boating and game design. I'll be managing the common room so if you ever need something come say hi!

Salina Safi Director of Merchandise
Navid Ziafati

Nikita Cutinho Director of Spirit
Nikita Cutinho
Suhka Lee Director of Resource Center
Suhka Lee
Ryan Garofano Director of Website
Ryan Garofano

Ryan is a third-year computer engineering student who is passionate about tech and fitness. As director of website, Ryan manages and updates the ESSS site so that students have up-to-date information about the esss, the engineering program, and upcoming events. Outside of school he enjoys lifting weights, playing ultimate frisbee, and working on technical projects.

Philip Stachura Director of Graphic Design
Philip Stachura

Samin Moradkhan Director of Tutoring
Samin Moradkhan

I am a third year engineering student. I chose systems major because I love to create things that could help people and make life easier for them. I joined ESSS because it is very inclusive, supportive and fun. Through my role I hope to be able to attract more students with different backgrounds to the community and bring everyone together. I love to talk to new people and make new friends.

Wallace Lee Director of Mentorship
Wallace Lee

Hello, I'm Wallace, a second year student. I wanted to join the ESSS because of the opportunities to meet new people. I plan to do either Systems or Computer Engineering.

Hannah Hartviksen First Year Representative
Yu-Xing Lim First Year Representative
Salem Alsaiari First Year Representative
Roberto Selles First Year Representative
Eugenia Demendeeva Second Year Representative
Eugenia Demendeeva

Husain Kanthawala Second Year Representative
Husain Kanthawala
Makan Mousavifard Biomedical Engineering Representative
Makan Mousavifard
Qiraa Qadri Computer Engineering Repersentative

Makan Mousavifar Biomedical Engineering Representative
Parsa Oftadeh Engineering Physics Representative
Srinath Ganapathy Electronics Engineering Representative
Srinath Ganapathy

Hey, my name is Srinath, I am a 4th-year Electronics Engineering Science student and I am happy to be a member of the ESSS. Outside of Engineering, I enjoy hiking, playing hockey, and love to do garden work. I enjoy connecting with new people so make sure to say hi when you pass by!

Seyed Arad Shojaee International Student Representative
Abhishek Mishra


Interested in learning more about ESSS policies or some of the other societies we are apart of? Looking for commonly used forms in ENSC? Curious about our previous meetings with the ENSC Director? Check below for all of the above!

  • ESSS is affiliated with WESST. Learn more about them at the link below!
  • WESST Website
As a member of the CFES, the ESSS supports, and would like to highlight the CFES Equity, Diversion, and Inclusion Stance.
ENSC Director Meeting
Summer 2022 Fall 2022 Spring 2023
Guide to Commonly Submitted ENSC Forms

Hall of Fame

There are a number of important people to the ESSS who have made significant contributions to our society that we wish to forever immortalize. These people have provided us with great support, council, comradery, and gone above their call of duty. For this, we dearly thank them and give them a little bit of the recognition they deserve. Do you have what it takes to be a future ESSS Hall of Famer? Check out Get Involved in the navigation bar above to start your ESSS journey!

Shayne Kelly II 2019
Tristan May 2019
Gurvaani Dhani 2019
Ali Arshad 2019
Hans Zhang 2020
Karene Luu 2020
Comp Spy (John Wu) 2021
Justin Wang 2021
Alvin David 2021