Scholarships, Awards and Bursaries

Alix Vikki Patterson Bursary in the Faculty of Environment

To an undergraduate student registered in the Faculty of Environment. Bursaries will be granted on the basis of a demonstrated financial need to a student in good academic standing.

For details on this award and many, many other bursaries, awards and scholarships, please see Financial Aid and Awards’ page.

Alton Harestad Book Award in Environmental Science

The Faculty of Environment honours Professor Harestad, former director of Environmental Science (EVSC), with this award that recognizes a highly successful graduating student in EVSC who has consistently exhibited toward fellow students a reputation for mentoring and contributing towards an improved student experience both academically and socially in Environmental Science.

Enid Harris Scholarship in Environmental Science

To a student or students enrolled in their third or fourth year of the Environmental Science program at Simon Fraser University on the basis of excellent academic standing. 

Ron MacLeod Scholarship in Environmental Science

Granted annually in any term to a third or fourth year student in the Environmental Science Program on the basis of excellent academic standing. The application should include a letter from the student describing his/her commitment to and interest in environmental science.

Entrance Scholarships

Students entering from secondary school or colleges may be eligible for Entrance Scholarships. Please see this page.

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