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Faculty of Environment

TASC2 Suite 8800
Simon Fraser University
Burnaby, BC V5A 1S6

Find us located in TASC2 (Technology and Science Centre 2) on this SFU Burnaby campus map, or search us on this map of SFU Burnaby.



Tel:  778 782-8787
Fax:  778 782-8788

Program Director

Jeremy Venditti | | 778-782-3488

Coordinator, Academic Programs and academic advisor

Rebecca Ho | (advising) (administration) | 778-782-9032

Appointments and Drop-ins: On-line Schedule and Appointment Booking

Appointments may be made or cancelled online at least 8 hours in advanceLast minute cancellation will prevent other students from accessing the advising service. 

Please note that drop-in advising is intended for quick questions only: if you need to be added/swapped into a ENV and EVSC course, want to be admitted to a major/minor, etc. For course planning, graduation checks, second degree students, or those in academic difficulty, etc. please book an appointment through the online appointment website. Please bring your advising transcript with you.



Marnie | 778-782-3609 | TASC 8902