Acting Chairs/Directors

Procedures for Appointment

51.22 Appointment of an Acting Chair for a period of four months or less can be approved by the Dean and does not require ratification by the Department. An appointment of an Acting Chair for more than four months must be ratified by the Department and must be approved by the Vice-President, Academic on the recommendation of the Dean.

In the case of an Acting Chair, less than four months, only Dean approval is required on the Academic-Administrative Appointment form. Provide the completed form to Faculty Relations.


Collective Agreement Articles:

Article 51: Academic-Administrative Appointments within the Bargaining Unit 

Policy A13.02, Appointment of Department Chairs and Directors of Schools

Policy A13.04, Terms of Appointments of Department Chairs/Directors of Schools and other Academic Administrators (Remuneration)


Academic-Administrative Appointments Form     May 2/18


Contact the Faculty Relations Advisor handling inquiries for your Faculty.