Advertising Guidelines

Process for Approval of Ad and Posting to Vice-President, Academic webpage

  • Chair/Director prepares ad
  • Dean reviews and approves ad
  • Ad sent to your Faculty Relations Advisor with confirmation of approval by Dean, and with approved position form or position number
  • Faculty Relations will confirm approval to Dean/Department (so that the ad can be put on external sites/sent out) and copy the VP, Academic (Gwen English) to post the advertisement on the VPA website or will contact you with any questions or recomendations for adjustment to the advertisement.

Ensure that your advertisement includes the three required statements necessary for all advertisements (template under Resources)

Contact your Faculty Relations Advisor if you need assistance in your efforts to employ appropriate strategies to encourage application by and consideration of individuals from designated groups that are under-represented. 

Academic Positions

All searches for Continuing Academic Positions will be advertised on the Vice-President, Academic website. Except as allowed for Non-Adverticed Positions, notices of all positions in these categories will be circulated to Canadian universities, and be advertised for a reasonable period of time (at least two months) in relevant publications including at least one month in each of Universities Canada’s University Affairs and the CAUT Bulletin (print and/or online) to ensure broad exposure of the vacancy.

Non-Advertised Positions

In exceptional circumstances, a department may seek permission to proceed other than by way of an advertised search. A written request for an exemption must be submitted to the Dean, along with a detailed recruitment plan for the position. If a candidate has already been identified, the candidate’s curriculum vita should accompany the request. If the Dean supports the request, they should forward it to the Vice-President, Academic (by way of Faculty Relations). The Vice-President, Academic will notify the department, the Dean and the Association of the final decision in writing prior to the commencement of the search.

NOTE: A full search and advertising is required if the candidate is International (non-Canadian or Permanent Resident).

Continuing Position Following Term Appointment

Where a Department/unit will have employed a teaching faculty member in a term position for four years, the Department will, prior to the end of the fourth year, determine whether there is a continuing need for that position. If a continuing need is identified, a position will be created (subject to budgetary approval). 

The Department will make a recommendation to the Dean as to whether the search should be non-advertised and targeted to the incumbent Member, internal or open as per Continuing Academic Appointments. The search process will be initiated within six months.

Except in the case of an unadvertised search, all limited term faculty members of that rank within that department will be notified of the search and be invited to apply.

Librarian and Archivist Faculty

The Dean or University Archivist will consult with the appropriate University Executive Officer with respect to the appropriate search procedures, including whether the search will be exclusively internal or will also consider external candidates.

Librarians or archivists of all ranks will be informed when a new or vacant position is advertised. 


Collective Agreement Articles:

Article 23: Continuing Academic Appointments

Article 35: Teaching Faculty

Article 36: Librarian and Archivist Faculty 


Adveristing Template


Contact the Faculty Relations Advisor handling inquiries for your Faculty.