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September 24, 2020:

The CRC program provides the university with the opportunity to recruit world-class scholars across all research disciplines. Institutional Strategic Awards (ISA) has compiled an administration guide that will provide you with information about the CRC program at SFU including information about the allocation process, how to recruit, nominate, and renew Chairs, and equity requirements and best practices. Please check their website for the most current and relevant CRC information. Institutional Strategic Awards (ISA)

Below you will find links to the most recent information on:

Allocation Principles & Processes: APPENDIX A

Nomination Process: APPENDIX B

Nomination Approval: APPENDIX C

Renewal Process: APPENDIX D

Institutional Support Recommendations: APPENDIX E

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion: ACTION PLAN

Other information can be found at




Collective Agreement Articles:

Article 23:  Continuing Academic Appointments

Article 42: Salary (sections 42.67 to 42.71)


Contact Alda O'Grady - Research Project Manager, CRC Lead with your CRC inquiries.


Phone: (778) 782-3061

Institutional Strategic Awards