How should existing teaching credits be converted to the new system of counting years of eligibility for study leave?

The basic conversion will be 2 study leave credits = 1 year of service. No one should lose credits when they are converted to the new system of counting for eligibility.

At what point do faculty members begin accumulating years of service rather than study leave credits? 

September 1 2016 or, if they were on study leave as of September 1, 2016, then at the beginning of the first semester back after study leave.

What is the max number of years I can accumulate under the new system? 

The new CA stipulates that faculty may carry forward up to two years of service for future study leave (art. 46.7). This would be equivalent to 8 years of service at maximum. 

Do semesters on study leave count toward years of eligibility for the next study leave?

No. Eligibility accrues starting the first semester back after a study leave.

Does Research Leave (also know as "Administrative Leave") semesters earned through administrative appointments (art. 51.33) count towards years of service? 

No, time on Research Leave after an Administrative Appointment does not count toward eligibility for the next study leave.

If a member accumulates part of a year's service towards study leave and then that year is disrupted for some reason (e.g., unpaid leave of absence or LTD where no study leave years of service accumulates), will the member lose the partial year of service?

No, they will not lose credit for that partial year. They will be able to continue to accumulate credit towards the uncompleted year when they return to work. 

Do I get credit towards my first study leave for teaching activity I did at my previous university?

Credit for up to two years’ service at other institutions may be used towards the first study leave at Simon Fraser University. Requests for recognition of such credit must be submitted to the Dean for approval prior to applying for a study leave.

Can I apply for study leave prior to tenure?

Faculty members in tenure track positions may apply for study leave during the tenure application process, and approval of the leave will be conditional on the faculty member being granted tenure prior to the start of the leave.

Can I teach at SFU while on study leave?

The purpose of a study leave is to have an extended period of time uninterrupted by teaching or service responsibilities. You should not therefore have teaching assigned during your period of study leave.

Is there any way to spread out the salary reduction while on study leave?

You can choose to have your salary reduction spread out over a longer period of time to minimize the impact if your study leave is for a period of longer than 6 months. Your salary reduction begins prior to your study leave in these circumstances.

Could you help me understand what makes a non-teaching (1 in 9) semester and study leave different? 

A non-teaching semester is a contractual obligation to provide a semester without teaching duties whereas study leave is a privilege granted in accordance with the terms outlined in the Collective Agreement (eligibility is discretionary not automatic).

The purpose of Study Leave is to provide Members with an extended period of time to engage in scholarship or complete a project or course of study that will enhance and increase their knowledge and expertise so as to enhance their professional abilities.

Can a faculty member commence study leave immediately after a parental leave?

Yes. According to section 46.12, time spent on maternity or parental leave will count towards years of service and eligibility for study leave.

How do other leaves, appointments, and modifications count toward acrrual of years of service?

Administrative Appointments (Chair/Director): 

Chairs who are given teaching reduction will accrue eligibility for study leave at half the normal rate (art. 51.34). Effectively, this means that the faculty member will generally earn 2/3 of a year of service for each year where there is 50% reduction in teaching.

Family and Compassionate Care Leave: 

These will earn years of service.

Leaves of Absence (Unpaid):

These will not earn years of service.

Maternity and/or Parental Leave: 
Time spent on maternity or parental leave will count towards years of service and eligibility for study leave (art. 46.12)

Modified Appointments: 
Credit towards study leave will be earned during the period of a modified appointment at the level of the actual teaching/employment commitment (art. 25.24). 

Phased Retirement:
Once a phased retirement option has commenced, there is no further accrual of service towards study leave eligibility (art. 49.22).

A study leave during a phased retirement option must be approved before the phased retirement commences and must be completed by the retirement date (49.23).

Research (Administrative) Leave:

These will not earn years of service.

Sick Leave and Long Term Disability: 

Sick Leave only will earn years of service.

What will happen to study leave accumulation for  those categories of appointment previously covered in the letter of agreement (e.g Junior and Senior chairholders other than limited term appointments, CIHR Scholars, Michael Smith Award holders, NSERC UFAs)?

​​​​​It does not apply any more because we don't have teaching credits under the new system. This is exactly the type of situation the new system was designed to deal with - so that if you do what you are assigned for the year, you get credit for the year.

Last updated: May 23, 2018

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