FAS TechConnect

The next step in your transition to university

What is TechConnect?

TechConnect is a first-year experience program aimed to ease your transition from high school into the Faculty of Applied Sciences (FAS) at SFU. Whether you’re in Computing Science, Engineering Science, Mechatronic Systems Engineering, Software Systems, or Sustainable Energy Engineering, TechConnect’s focus is to make entering university a stress-free and welcoming experience.

Why should I participate?

Each live chat session, held bi-weekly, will cover important information helping you to make the most of your university experience. Sessions will cover a diverse range of topics, from high-tech careers with industry experts, to ways to get involved with clubs and student unions on campus. Academic advisors will be on hand each session to assist you with course planning and answer your questions.

Make immediate connections

As a TechConnect mentee, you’ll have the added benefit of connecting with student mentors declared in the same major and learn first-hand about what to expect from your coursework and where the best (and cheapest) food is on campus! Every session you’ll also have an opportunity to connect with your peers and socialize. Through TechConnect we want you to feel welcomed and part of our Applied Sciences community.


For Computing Science and Engineering Science TechConnect inquiries, contact Kevin Pilar at

For Sustainable Energy Engineering TechConnect Inquiries, contact Charly Caproff at

What students say about TechConnect

“Biggest takeaway for me is that TechConnect really helps ease the stress of being a first year. I am very glad that I managed to be a part of this program. I've created new friends who are in first year and upper year that can help me on later on. I really liked TechConnect and it was one of the things I looked forward to every Thursday.”

“I really enjoyed seeing the same familiar faces in my classes and making great acquaintances. Most of all, the mentor sessions that occurred bi-weekly were very helpful - especially being able to ask for help in person, without a rushed time constraint, and on a student to student basis.”

“It’s already super engaging and useful for any student, it familiarized us with so much and really helped me transition to university”

“Thank you very much!!! I could not imagine my first semester without it.”

“I made a couple of friends there that I now hang out with a lot. The connections helped a lot.”