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What is TechConnect all about?

An easier transition to university life...

TechConnect is a Faculty of Applied Sciences (FAS) cohort mentorship program designed to help you transition from high school to University. FAS advisors take care of your course registration for the first semester. The TechConnect cohort will be registered in the same lectures, labs, and tutorials. In addition to attending the same classes, you will also attend TechConnect meetings together which happen twice per month and are led by two student mentors. These meetings will give you the opportunity to participate in specialized workshops, advising sessions, and social activities. 

Why should I take part?

The idea behind TechConnect is that people learn better in groups. We also wanted to take away some of the worries and stresses that students experience in their first semester. Your course timetable is planned for you. You will have an easier time connecting with peers and won’t feel isolated on a big university campus. In addition, you will benefit from the wisdom of a student mentor who is available to give you advice on student life. They also know where you can get the best — and cheapest — food on campus!

Who can participate?

You can participate in TechConnect if you are a high school student beginning your studies in fall 2019 in either Computing Science or Engineering Science at SFU’s Burnaby campus, or Sustainable Energy Engineering at SFU’s Surrey campus.


For Computing Science and Engineering Science TechConnect inquiries, contact Kevin Pilar at

For Sustainable Energy Engineering TechConnect Inquiries, contact Charly Caproff at

What students say about TechConnect

"TechConnect helped me understand what courses I needed to take and gave me a good opportunity to connect with my peers and my academic advisor."

"It's great to have the support and guidance in your first year, and to be around people going through what you are, while you are."

"I really am so grateful for the opportunities TechConnect has given me. I've built some great friendships and had a chance to learn from some amazing professors, students, and advisors."

"TechConnect makes adjusting to university life so much easier. Rather than being lost and alone, it's easier to find friends in a smaller group rather than a class of about 200. The student mentors provide extra hints and help which is an incredible help."