Technovation, a flagship program of non-profit Iridescent, is the world’s largest global tech entrepreneurship competition for girls. The program offers girls around the world the opportunity to learn the necessary skills to emerge as tech entrepreneurs and leaders. Every year, Technovation challenges 10 to 18 year old girls to build a business plan and mobile app that will address a community problem. Since 2009, over 15,000 girls have participated from over 100 countries.

In 2016, SFU’s Faculty of Applied Sciences joined the Technovation Challenge working with schools to encourage girls aged 10-18 to join the Technovation Challenge and form a team. As teams are forming, the Faculty recruits industry mentors to partner with local teams.  Kicking off with an ideation session and programming workshop, the girls learn how to code and develop an app that solves a problem in their community. The girls and their mentors work together to complete the weekly curriculum. Past project ideas included an app to help hikers ensure they’re adequately prepared before going on a hike. Another app supported self-management of bullying for kids not quite ready to share bullying problems with others. What did all these apps have in common? A healthy dose of girl power and a strong desire to help others.

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The Prize

Top teams (selected by Technovation judges) will travel to an international pitch competition in San Fransisco.  One team will win $10,000 in seed funding to help them launch their app.

What's in the submission?

  • App source code (can be developed in Android, iOS, or Windows)
  • Up to 4-minute video pitch (upload to YouTube or Vimeo and share the link)
  • Business plan (pdf)
  • Team photo (with mentor and teacher included, if possible) for each team
  • 100-word app description
  • Completion of post-survey

Important Dates

The 2017-2018 Technovation season has ended. Thank you to everyone who participated!

Please stay tuned for information about the 2018-2019 season.

More Information

For more information about SFU Technovation, visit our FAQ page

Technovation Website

Technovation Curriculum

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If you have any additional questions, please contact:

Daniela Abasi, Outreach Program Manager and Regional Ambassador, at danielad@sfu.ca

David Le, Event and Marketing Coordinator, at fasevent@sfu.ca