FAS Experience

Want to learn more about the Faculty of Applied Sciences' Student Experience? Whether you're a High School Teacher requesting an information session or a Grade 11 student wanting to learn more through the eyes of a current student, our Faculty of Applied Sciences' Student Ambassadors will work with you. Email your questions to fasambas@sfu.ca

Engineering Science

Huayan Dong, Engineering Science

Hi Everyone! My name is Huayan Dong and I'm a third year engineering science student at SFU. I have just finished my first co-op as a software developer at a local company, which is an enjoyable experience for me to apply what I learned in classroom to real life project. I would love to show you what SFU Faculty of Applied Sciences offers and how to personalize it for you by sharing my experience, and answer any questions you have. Looking forward to meeting you!

Nathan Tannar, Computer Engineering

Hi Everyone! My name is Nathan Tannar and I'm a 3rd year Computer Engineering student at SFU. Throughout my time so far at SFU, I’ve been involved in various Applied Science student clubs such as the Engineering Science Student Society. I also had the opportunity to work for 1 year at SAP for my Co-Op experience. Looking forward to sharing my experiences with you to help you success!

Computing Science

Nancy Yang, Software Systems

Hi there, my name is Nancy Yang, currently a 3rd year Software Systems student with an interest in both tech and business studies. As a Faculty of Applied Sciences Student Ambassador, I would like to encourage people of all tech backgrounds to gain exposure to computing and other tech based disciplines. I am also a Representative in the Software Systems Student Society and I am always happy to talk about my academic experience with the program and the faculty.

Kevin Grant, Computing Science

Hi! My name is Kevin Grant and I'm a fourth year Computing Science student at SFU. My time spent in the applied sciences program has been overwhelmingly positive, in both courses and Co-op experiences. I am more than happy to share my knowledge with you and answer any questions you may have.