FASS Faculty Research Portal

The visualisations you find on this page provide a snapshot of the questions and topics guiding past, present and future research in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences.

These tools can help community members not immersed in our research better understand the research we are undertaking and how it affects them.

They can also help faculty, students, and prospective students find researchers working on overlapping topics to allow for an ease in finding others with shared and cognate expertise.

There are currently three different interactive visualizations of the research going on in FASS:

  1. a map of the regions that are the focus of research in FASS, interlinked with research topics
  2. clusters of faculty research topics grouped by region
  3. streams of research topics grouped by unit. Each of these visual tools directs you to faculty working on topics or regions of interest.

You can also focus attention on research on a particular historical period.

A survey to collect the most recent data has been sent to all FASS faculty members in October 2017. If you can't find your email with the customized link for your entry, please contact us at fasssec@sfu.ca.  

Each large group of circles represents topics grouped for each region. The size of the circles represents the number of researchers currently focusing of the topic in that region. Each colour represents a department.  

  • Click on a small circle to see the faculty members who are working in that region and topic. 
  • To select multiple items: Ctrl+click on Windows or Cmd+click on a Mac.