The Asia-Canada Program focuses on the study of Asia and Asian Canadians, including their identities and history, languages, and Asian influences in Canada.

Founded on a belief in both the importance and complexity of inter-cultural understanding and trans-Pacific relations, the Program offers a multidisciplinary education including cultural, political, economic, religious and philosophical perspectives.

Is the Asia-Canada Program for you?

The Asia-Canada Program is for students who wish to deepen their knowledge about Asian influences in Canada and about Asian-Canadian communities. It appeals both to students with Asian heritage and those from other backgrounds who are curious to learn more about Asia and Asian-Canadians.

The Program will be of particular interest to students curious about the rich and complex relations between Asian countries and Canada.

Areas of study

The Asia-Canada Program offers courses in a wide range of areas including Chinese, Japanese and other Asian cultures, East, Southeast or South Asian art, literature and philosophy, and Asia-Canada identities including immigrant experiences and social and cultural aspects of life in North America.

The Program also offers students the opportunity to participate in international field schools and exchange programs, learn Asian languages, and improve economic, social and cultural connections between Asian countries and Canada.

Where can the Asia-Canada Program take you?

  • Public relations and communications
  • Broadcasting and journalism
    Law and international law
  • Business, marketing and financial services
  • Research and policy analysis
  • Public administration, government and civil service
  • International development agencies and organizations
  • Education and academia

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