Is Hellenic Studies for you?

The Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF) Centre for Hellenic Studies offers a wide selection of courses on Greek History, language, and culture from a variety of different disciplinary perspectives. Building on our strengths in Ancient, Byzantine and Modern Greek history and culture, we collaborate with specialists in Ottoman and Modern Near Eastern studies at the SFU History Department to engage students at all levels with the fascinating Hellenistic worlds over the centuries.

Recognizing further that the roots of Medieval and Modern Hellenism cannot but be sought in the achievements of Ancient Greece, we partner with the Department of the Humanities in order to offer courses that provide the intellectual and historical grounding for our many course offerings.

If you are interested in Hellenic Studies you can therefore study all aspects of Hellenism, from Mythology and the History of Philosophy, to its presence in the social, cultural, political, religious, and economic spheres in Byzantine times, and on into the era of the Modern Greek state, from the 19th century to the present.

Why Greek?

The SNF Centre for Hellenic Studies is committed to the study and teaching of Greek history, language and culture. Fundamental to this endeavor is the application of innovative technology to enhance the learning experience for the student and scholar.

The aim of the Centre is to make Hellenic Studies accessible to university and non-university students with teaching and research as the cornerstone of the Centre’s activities. These tasks are accomplished by training future scholars in Greek history, language and culture. The Centre is dedicated to the survival of Greek studies both in the West and in Asia.

Want to know more?

Hellenic Studies at SFU reaches new heights thanks to the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Centre. You will have access to a Centre of research excellence in Hellenic Studies that boasts expertise in Ancient, Byzantine, Ottoman, Early Modern, and Modern Greek history, as well as Greek language and culture.

At the undergraduate level, you have access to an expanding range of courses on the Hellenic world. In-person seminars and lectures are supplemented by a suite of language and history courses, delivered exclusively online with the Odysseas Intelligent Language Tutor, a student-centered, e-learning platform developed by the SNF New Media Lab.

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