Latin American Studies

For several decades, the Latin American Studies Program at SFU has been among the most prominent in Canada, and the only such program to offer undergraduate programs and graduate degrees in the field. Located in the cosmopolitan and beautiful city of Vancouver, the university is well known for its flexible educational programs, commitment to academic achievement, internationally recognized research, and cross-disciplinary approaches to academic inquiry and training.

Taking into account criteria of class size, proportion of classes taught by tenure-track faculty and external research funding, McLean’s magazine has consistently ranked SFU at the top of its list of “comprehensive universities” in Canada. SFU excels both in teaching and research. Students can expect their instructors to be working on the frontiers of knowledge across a range of fields in the Arts and Sciences, as well as in other faculties, including Applied Sciences, Business Administration, Education and Health Sciences.

Is Latin American Studies for you?

Latin American Studies (LAS) is an interdisciplinary field. It draws on the conceptual and methodological tools of a wide range of disciplines. Our students receive a solid grounding in disciplinary knowledge, complemented by the international perspective offered by a focus on Latin America and the Caribbean.

Areas of Study

The Latin American Studies Minor program is ideally suited for students interested in supplementing courses of study in a particular discipline with substantial expertise on social and cultural aspects of Latin America and the Caribbean.

At the graduate level, the Latin American Studies Program offers a sequence of courses geared to meet the needs of students enrolled in its M.A. degree program as well as those around campus whose graduate studies include a concern with contemporary Latin American affairs.

Simon Fraser University has established a Graduate Certificate in Latin American Studies open to students in faculties across the University.  We believe that this offers an attractive opportunity for our students to demonstrate extensive knowledge of Latin America as well as competence in their primary discipline.

Exchange Programs and Field Schools

Simon Fraser offers many opportunities for Latin American Studies students to experience Latin America first hand. We have exchange programs with universities in Argentina, Chile, Ecuador and Mexico.  Students interested in undertaking study abroad should explore the variety of bursary opportunities offered through the university.

Where can Latin American Studies take you?

The multidisciplinary nature of Latin American Studies enables students to tailor their academic preparation for careers across a wide range of fields.  Whether your interests lie in business, government, law, media, education, intelligence, foreign service/diplomatic relations, cultural brokering, development, inter-governmental organizations, non-governmental organizations, journalism, or tourism, Latin American studies has much to offer. At the same time, many Latin American students draw on their training to pursue graduate study in a variety of fields at both the masters and doctoral levels. 

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