Benston, Margaret "Maggie" (Chemistry, Women's Studies)

Maggie Benston conducted her undergraduate studies in Chemistry and Philosophy. She then pursued doctoral studies at the University of Washington where she received her PhD in Theoretical Chemistry in 1964. She was a post-doctoral fellow at the University of Wisconsin before she joined Simon Fraser University in the Department of Chemistry as an assistant professor in 1965. 


Lebowitz, Andrea (English, Women's Studies)

Andrea Lebowitz received her BA from The College of New Rochelle, a women’s Catholic college in New York. She earned her MA from the University of Wisconsin, Madison. Lebowitz came to SFU in 1965 as a charter faculty member to teach in the Department of English and her research and teaching were heavily influenced by her activism in civil rights and feminist issues. 


MacDonald, Marilyn

Marilyn MacDonald received her PhD from the University of Western Ontario in 1977 after completing doctoral research on the effects of environmental heterogeneity on the abundance of Barbarea vulgaris R. Br. Before joining Simon Fraser University as an assistant professor in Women’s Studies in 1992, MacDonald was a consultant on environmental science education and administered research and development projects for the federal government in Ottawa. She was the first full-time appointment in Women’s Studies at SFU. Her areas of research were the intersections between women, science and environment. She retired in 2009. 


Nesmith, Catherine (Geography, Women's Studies)

Catherine Nesmith received her BA in Economics and Geography from the University of Victoria. She later pursued graduate studies at the University of Cambridge, from which she received a PhD in Human Geography. In 1991, she joined Simon Fraser University as an assistant professor with a joint appointment in Geography and Women’s Studies. Her research examined the relationship between women and the environment and development, and women’s access to resources. The gendered nature of common property in South East Asia was also of interest. Nesmith left Simon Fraser University in 1996. She spent a few years as an English as an Additional Language instructor before taking up a position as a Research Analyst with Indian and Northern Affairs. 


Silverman, Kaja (Contemporary Arts, Women's Studies)

Kaja Silverman received her BA and MA in English from the University of California at Santa Barbara in 1970 and 1972 respectively. She was awarded her Ph.D. in English from Brown University in 1977, after completing a doctoral dissertation on the poetry of John Donne. She taught at Yale and at Trinity College in Connecticut before she joined Simon Fraser University in 1981 as an associate professor with a joint appointment in the School of Contemporary Arts, then known as the Centre for the Study of Fine and Performing Arts, and Women’s Studies.


Strong-Boag, Veronica (History, Women's Studies)

Veronica Strong-Boag was awarded her BA with Honours in History by the University of Toronto in 1970. She then pursed postgraduate studies at Carleton University in Ottawa, and received her MA in History in 1971. She returned to University of Toronto for her doctoral studies, where she was awarded her PhD in History in 1975. Strong-Boag began her academic career in 1974 when she was appointed Assistant Professor in the History department at Trent University. In 1976 she took up an assistant professorship at Concordia University, a position she held for four years. She joined SFU in 1980, Strong-Boag with a joint-appointment of associate professor in History and Women’s Studies.


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