The Jack and Doris Shadbolt Endowment for the Humanities mirrors and reflects the enduring value of the Shadbolts’s creative spirit through a Fellowship program for artists writers, and academics. The Shadbolt Fellowship program, housed within the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, provides resources necessary to support resident fellows who are free to perform, create, research and otherwise interact with faculty and students on professionally related activities to enhance not only their own intellectual and creative horizons but that of the University and wider community as well.

The power and influence of Jack and Doris Shadbolt’s art, writing and professional and community contributions have left an important legacy in British Columbia, which can serve to remind each and every one of us of the enduring intellectual and emotional value of the creative spirit.

Current Shadbolt Fellows

  • Working with the Department of First Nations Studies and SFU Galleries, June Scudeler (Métis) examines the intersections between gender studies, Indigenous literature, film, and art. June’s current project explores Indigenous Gothic, horror and science fiction film and literature.
  • Working in conjunction with the Graduate Liberal Studies Program, the 2015-2019 Shadbolt Fellow is Yosef Wosk.  During his tenure in this role, Yosef will appoint twenty GLS/Shadbolt Community Scholars. Over time, these scholars will form a substantial and influential group strongly connected with GLS, SFU, the community, and each other in ways that promise many opportunities for artistic and philisophic collaboration.

Other Current Shadbolt Fellows

Dr. Katie McCullough, Visiting Assistant Professor of Scottish History, May 2015-April 2019

Previous Shadbolt Fellows

  • Dr. Gregory Feldman, Visiting Assistant Professor in International Studies, September 2015-August 2017
  • Dr. Rima Berns-McGown, Visiting Lecturer in Muslim Studies, September 2014-April 2015
  • Dr. Nicolas Fillion, Visiting Assistant Professor in Philosophy, September 2013-August 2015
  • Dr. Richard Frank, Visiting Assistant Professor in Criminology, studying Cybercrime, September 2013-August 2016
  • Dr. Onur Bakiner, Visiting Assistant Professor in International Studies, September 2013-August 2014
  • Daniel Meilleur, Visiting Professor of Performing Arts, March-April 2011
  • Ying Chen, Visiting Professor of French, January-April 2009
  • Douglas Todd, Visiting Professor of Religion and Ethics, January-August 2008
  • Alan Twigg, Visiting Professor of Publishing, April-May 2007 and September-October 2007

Shadbolt Writers-in-Residence

  • Anosh Irani 2015-2017
  • Rawi Hage  2014-2015
  • Madeleine Thien 2014-2015