2011 News Archive

  • December 09, 2011
    FASS Recipients of the 2011 SFU Outstanding Alumni Award
    The recipients were chosen from seven categories—academic achievement, arts and culture, athletics, professional achievement, public service, service to the community and service to the university—following nominations by alumni, faculty, staff, students and community members.
  • December 06, 2011
    New Research Confronts Africa’s "Statistical Tragedy"
    The headline speaker at a recent conference in Washington called “Poor Numbers! What do we know about income and growth in sub-Saharan Africa?” was Morten Jerven, of the School for International Studies.
  • December 05, 2011
    Totem Pole to Honor Restorative Justice Pioneer
    Inmates at Mission’s Ferndale Correctional Institution are paying tribute to Simon Fraser University criminologist Liz Elliott, a long-time champion of restorative justice, with a traditional totem pole carved in her honor.
  • December 02, 2011
    How a Computer Game Is Reinventing the Science of Expertise
    Research on video gaming expertise that is being completed at SFU was recently highlighted in a Scientific American paper.
  • November 30, 2011
    Martin Cooper, FASS Dean's Office, at the "Oscars"
    Martin Cooper's photograph “On the tracks of the coyote” was Highly Commended in the “Urban Wildlife” category in the world’s most prestigious wildlife photography competition.
  • November 25, 2011
    David Pereira, Urban Studies
    When David Pereira returned to SFU to embark on his Master’s Degree in Urban Studies, he knew he wanted to make a positive difference in his community.
  • November 24, 2011
    Web Crawler Takes Aim at Child Exploitation
    Researchers at Simon Fraser University’s International Cybercrime Research Centre hope a tool they’ve developed to track websites that exploit children can help police better investigate the crime.
  • November 22, 2011
    Violence, Stress on Rise for Corrections Workers
    The severity of job violence and stress faced by B.C.’s correctional workers precipitates a need for changes in their workplace, according to a new study by Simon Fraser University criminologist Neil Boyd.
  • November 21, 2011
    Psychology Professors Win Division 24 Awards
    At the 119th annual American Psychological Association Convention in Washington, D.C., the Society for Theoretical and Philosophical Psychology, Division 24, handed out their annual awards.
  • November 10, 2011
    Dr. Dara Culhane received a 2011 award for Excellence in Graduate Leadership.
    Dara Culhane began her academic career with the Department of Sociology and Anthropology at SFU in 1994.
  • November 08, 2011
    Christa Gruninger, English
    Ms. Christa Gruninger received a 2011 award for Excellence in Graduate Service.
  • November 04, 2011
    Labour Studies at SFU
    SFU alumna Margaret Morgan (MA'76) and her husband, left-wing radical Richard Ernest "Lefty" Morgan, were life-long learners, educators, and activists, so it seems appropriate that SFU's research centre for labour studies should be named the Morgan Centre for Labour Studies.
  • October 26, 2011
    Canada Needs National Energy Policy to Go Truly Green
    The Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives (CCPA) has just published the study — Climate Change and the Canadian Energy Sector: Implications for Labour and Trade Unions — co-authored by two FASS professors.
  • October 21, 2011
    Rethink Tough on Crime Direction
    Professor Ronald Roesch and PhD student Alana Cook say the government’s policies are not supported by recent statistics.
  • October 20, 2011
    Student Travels to Mexico to Collaborate with Other Countries
    As a student initiative to improve cooperation between México, Costa Rica, Panamá, USA, Canada and Puerto Rico, Christina Buiza traveled to Oaxtepec, Mexico.
  • October 17, 2011
    What's in a Name
    A new study finds that discrimination based on the ethnicity of job candidate names plays a significant role in Canadian immigrants’ attempts to succeed in the labour market.
  • October 06, 2011
    Crim Grad Turns Her Life Around
    Simon Fraser University criminology major Tara Dolan can relate to the at-risk youth she’ll be working with before heading back to school for her law degree.
  • October 06, 2011
    Grad Helps Stanley Cup Riot Review
    A summer practicum with the Vancouver Police Department reaped an unexpected bonus when criminology undergrad Jude Chow was seconded to participate in the formal review of the Stanley Cup riot.
  • September 26, 2011
    2011 Cormack Teaching Awards
    The three recipients of the 2011 Cormack Teaching Awards, Alison Ayers, Sociology and Anthropology; David Cox, Economics; and Alexander Dawson, History, were honoured at the FASS Fall reception held September 22nd.
  • September 16, 2011
    Donation Creates New SFU Hellenic Studies Centre
    A $7-million donation from the Stavros Niarchos Foundation will establish Simon Fraser University as one of the premier locations for the study of Greek history, culture, and language outside of Greece.
  • September 12, 2011
    In Memory of Dr. Elizabeth Elliott
    Dr. Elizabeth Elliott, Associate Professor and Co-Director of the Centre for Restorative Justice at the School of Criminology, passed away September 9th, at home, peacefully, and in the company of her loving family.
  • September 05, 2011
    2011 Dean's Medals
    The Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences Dean’s Medal recognizes excellence in academic research, teaching, and service. Up to three candidates are awarded the medal each year as recommended by an independent review committee to the Dean.
  • September 02, 2011
    Heiltsuk First Nation Ancestral Remains
    It took 34 years but the journey home for the ancestral remains of the Heiltsuk First Nation finally ended last week in Namu, BC. Retired SFU archaeologist Roy Carlson, who started the excavation in 1977 at the site near Bella Bella, helped supervise the reburial.
  • July 26, 2011
    Hellenic Studies and the Vancouver School Board Launch Online Course to Teach Greek
    A new online Greek language course was launched in late July for students through the VSB operated Vancouver Learning Network.
  • July 22, 2011
    Wildlife Crime Fighters
    Insects can provide homicide investigators with critical clues about time and place of death, but they can play an equally important role in solving wildlife crime, says SFU criminologist Gail Anderson.
  • July 14, 2011
    Adolescent Health Research in Psychology
    Researchers Dr Moretti and Dr. McMahon and other Team members from Psychology received a $1.4 million CIHR Team Grant for research into Reducing Violence and Victimization in At-Risk Adolescent Girls and Boys.
  • July 12, 2011
    Fundraising in FASS for 2011 Campus Campaign
    FASS raised over $77,000 during the 2011 Campus Campaign, including over $50,000 in donations for student support.
  • July 08, 2011
    The Greatest Man-Catcher of All
    Can you imagine cops in high heels and nylons chasing criminals? Former RCMP officer Bonnie Reilly Schmidt can—she’s heard the stories.
  • July 06, 2011
    Study Tracks Global Wine Industry Success
    An international study set up by Simon Fraser University political scientist Andy Hira is probing what makes global wine industries successful.
  • July 05, 2011
    Arthur Robson Named Economic Theory Fellow
    Arthur Robson has been named an Economic Theory Fellow by the Society for the Advancement of Economic Theory.