2010 Cormack Teaching Award Winners Announced

April 13, 2010

Lara Campbell, Assistant Professor, Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies

Lara is praised as a “passionate, committed, and skilled teacher”. Undergraduate evaluations for her courses give her an average of 3.91 as an instructor, 4.0 in her graduate courses.  She has designed four new courses for GSWS, all of which are now central to the program. Lara has her students engage in public intellectual work and social causes. One student said she “encourages students to think for themselves and outside the norms”.

Nicky Didicher, Senior Lecturer, Department of English

Nicky is famous for her innovation, both in course design and the use of technology in teaching. She designed English’s first upper-division writing-intensive CODE course, and the English Department’s only “Q” course, a course of metrics and prosody. Many of her courses are designed to allow students to choose an assignment and assessment path that suits their interests. A long time user of Web CT, Nicky has begun to promote collaborative learning through the use of course wikis.

Yue Wang, Associate Professor, Department of Linguistics

Yue is famous for the interactive nature of her teaching and lecturing, the use of student-oriented classroom activities, and the collaborative learning environment she creates. She is praised for integrating her own research into graduate and undergraduate teaching. Her graduate research methods course receives special praise for the clarity of research project cycle she gives her students and the clear guidelines she provides students for pursuing their ideas through the research process to finished project. Her enthusiasm for teaching and student research has actually raised the level of research intensity across the department.

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