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Alumni Profile: Megan Bulloch, MA, Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies

October 06, 2015

By Jackie Amsden, Graduate Studies

Dr. Megan Bulloch is helping change what post-secondary undergraduate education looks, acts, and feels like.

Bulloch graduated with a Master’s Degree in Women's Studies at SFU in 2004 before going on to complete a PhD in psychology from Ohio State University. She is one of the inaugural eight faculty members who helped establish Quest University Canada, a liberal arts and sciences university in Squamish, BC that she describes as an “upstart start-up.” She is a Social Sciences Curriculum Coordinator and Faculty Social Sciences Tutor.

“Faculty tutors at Quest challenge students to grapple with complex concepts, and question traditional ways of doing or understanding things no matter how hard that may be,” says Bulloch.

One of the driving goals, she explains, that made her want to be so heavily invovled in helping build Quest was to create a more equity-focused post-secondary experience—both in terms of how and what was taught. Bulloch traces this inspiration back to her SFU graduate school program. 

“Women in academia need a grounding in feminism because it’s not a women-friendly place to work. They need to learn how to negotiate for their rights. During my program at SFU, Dr. Sue Wendell said, 'Don’t be the one that brings cookies to the faculty meeting.’ I have remembered that ever since,” she says.


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