The FASS Teaching Fellows for 2016 are Dr. Dai Heide and Dr. Panayiotis Pappas.

The primary role of the teaching fellows is to support the continued improvement of undergraduate teaching and graduate training in FASS. They will work to help address the challenges that instructors face and to communicate solutions across the Faculty, as well as to provide a channel of communication between FASS and higher administrative units that focus on teaching.

Their immediate priorities include leading the effort to create FASS questions for the Student Evaluations of Teaching and Courses and organizing the Cormack awards and symposium. They will also begin, with the input of FASS faculty, a conversation about the issues most important to instructors in the Faculty.

They will be seeking advice and feedback on a range of issues, especially including the ways in which FASS can continue to promote the value of its degrees, the means by which the first-year experience of FASS students may be improved, potential ways to support teaching through peer mentoring, and the role of research and pedagogical experimentation in the classroom.

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Dai Heide has been Lecturer in the Philosophy Department since 2011 and its Undergraduate Chair since 2013. He completed his PhD at The Ohio State University in 2010, where he was also Visiting Assistant Professor for one year. He teaches a range of topics and across all levels of the Philosophy curriculum, and his research interests include Immanuel Kant and early modern philosophy.

Panayiotis (Panos) Pappas is an associate professor in the Department of Linguistics, specializing in Language Variation and Change. He is currently the chair for the Linguistics Undergraduate Curriculum Committee, and the chair of the Senate Committee on University Teaching and Learning (SCUTL). He has worked at SFU since 2002.

No April Fools: FASS Coffee Chat is back!

We are delighted to bring back the FASS Coffee Chats of yore on a bi-weekly basis, on every payday. The purpose of these conversations is primarily for us to hear what your concerns and ideas are about teaching in our Faculty, and to start building a network of support for faculty around FASS.

Where: AQ Renaissance, or First Nations seating area, depending on availability of seating

When: Every other Friday starting April 1, from 2-3 pm.

Upcoming dates: April 1, April 15, April 29

SETC: Building a better tool for student evaluations of teaching and courses

Thank you to all of you that participated in today's Town Hall discussion. You can watch it here

Here are the links to the documents we discussed today.

The TCEP report submitted to Senate is here

* TCEwgReportFinalFeb23_2015.pdf
The Report justifying the Institution-wide questions
* SETC Summer 2015 Validation Report.pdf
Summer 2015 Validation Report
* SETCtownhall.pdf

General Resources

Here we provide documents that we think may be useful



* FASS_Teaching Supports.pdf
Teaching Resources for Faculty (Michale Lockett)