Certificate in Liberal Arts

The Certificate in Liberal Arts (CLA) is tailored for students with an interest in a broad range of courses that would be helpful in a well rounded liberal education. The Certificate is available to all undergraduate students, who satisfy normal admission requirements to the University. The CLA may be taken in conjunction with a degree program, or by students not currently seeking to complete a degree.

The CLA consists of successfully completing a minimum of ten courses (30 units) taken in a specific configuration from a list of designated courses. These courses have been carefully chosen for their suitability in providing accessible and valuable material for the generally interested student. Students must complete at least five of the ten courses at Simon Fraser University.

Please note that courses must be chosen from the CLA course list and no substitutions are allowed.

Students interested in applying for the CLA and having their status within the program reviewed should contact Susan Cowan, Program Assistant - Certificate in Liberal Arts.